TransCanada’s Gulf Coast Project, nears completion

TransCanada’s is excited to announce that the Gulf Coast Project is 90 per cent complete. The pipeline will be ready for operation at the end of the year, and as we reach the completion of this critical piece of pipeline infrastructure, we can reflect on the numerous benefits that it has brought to communities in Oklahoma and Texas, as well as why it will be the safest pipeline ever built.

 Local Economic Benefits

During the first eight months of construction, the Gulf Coast Project brought numerous local benefits to surrounding communities. In that time, over $20 million was spent locally during construction. This doesn’t include the money that was spent by the hundreds of Gulf Coast Project construction workers at grocery stores, gas stations, R.V. parks, motels, etc.

To-date, the Gulf Coast Project has provided over 4,000 skilled American tradespeople and laborers jobs; not to mention all the project managers, environmental specialists and consultants involved on this project. Many people were eager for this project to begin so they could get back to full-time employment. The jobs created by the operation of this pipeline are supporting local economies, which is ultimately supporting the U.S.

 Not only is this project creating valuable employment opportunities, but it has also relied on materials that are being sourced within the U.S.

For example, the pipeline has required hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of materials and related services for items such as the steel pipe, thousands of fittings, hundreds of large valves, fabrication of piping assemblies and structural steel for supports, and thousands of other pieces of equipment used to build such things as transformers for pumping stations, meters to measure the amount of oil delivered, large electric motors for operating pumps and cabling and electrical equipment to connect our vast pipeline monitoring systems.

We have developed manufacturing relationships with over 50 suppliers across the U.S. This allows us to meet the manufacturing needs for this project as well as support local economies.

 As the Gulf Coast Project begins to operate, it will continue to bring positive economic benefits to surrounding communities.

Safety and Technology

As one of North America’s leading energy infrastructure companies, our top priority is the safety of the public and our employees. Safety defines our company and our culture, and ensures that we earn our social license to operate. It is our commitment to world-class safety standards that ensures that the Gulf Coast Project will be the safest pipeline ever built.

 The Gulf Coast Project has only used the most modern construction techniques and equipment, and the most qualified pipeliners in the business. We have led the way in the use of high-strength steels and the latest corrosion-resistant coatings, and we also require every weld made on the pipeline to be inspected by qualified independent inspectors.

 Our team of experts only operates the most sophisticated equipment available to ensure oil flows down our pipeline system safely and efficiently. The safety features on this pipeline include:

 Technology capable of isolating any section of our pipeline either automatically at the valve, or remotely from our control center in Calgary.

Information that is transmitted from thousands of data points along our pipelines to our control centers.

24/7 monitoring of pipeline operations by highly-trained staff who shut down the pipeline at the first sign of a problem until the cause of the alarm is determined and confirmed.

Pipeline control staff who are required to undergo extensive training that includes working on a pipeline simulator before they are certified to operate pipeline monitoring systems.

 As our first priority is always safety, we will continue to ensure that the Gulf Coast Project is the safest pipeline ever built.


The Gulf Coast project is going through rigorous testing before it will be permitted to go into operation. This testing program will identify some parts of the project that need further attention, and in some cases, replacement. We have been digging up portions of the Gulf Coast Project in order to deal with some imperfections that our inspection program has identified. The Gulf Coast Pipeline is being held to a higher standard than any other pipeline project – because TransCanada agreed to 57 special conditions regarding construction and operation of the Project, which have reduced the tolerances we will accept for minor imperfections. This shows that we are serious about operating to a higher level of safety and that we are doing everything that we reasonably can to make sure that this pipeline will operate safely for decades to come.

 Looking Ahead

As the Gulf Coast Project nears completion, we will continue to work with our stakeholders along the pipeline route to ensure that they have the most-up-to date information on the project. We will continue to ensure that the Gulf Coast Project is the safest pipeline ever built, while also contributing valuable economic opportunities to local communities. 700,000 barrels a day of crude oil will enter the Gulf Coast region through this pipeline. We’re proud to be helping the U.S. ensure their energy security for years to come.

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