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Declutter Your Life

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Is clutter causing issues in your life? Let’s start tackling it today. Think how much simpler your life would be when there are fewer things cluttering your space. Less clutter, more organization. Less stress, more time. Less debt, more freedom. Less discontent, more intention. I know, just thinking about decluttering your house and your life can be exhausting. I get it. I personally struggle with decluttering in my home and life, as well. So, let me share some of my thoughts and tricks that I have been working on in my personal life with you.

Understanding why we should declutter is the first step to tackle this project. ‘Stuff’ does not make us happy long term. It’s the people, the things we enjoy doing and the memories we make along the way in our adventure called life. Yes, buying that new shirt made us super happy, but a month later, we feel we need to buy another nice shirt to make us look good and feel happy again. Before we know it, our house is full of ‘stuff’ in every room of the house. And guess what? We still are not truly happy, are we?

So, let’s start small and tackle big. Don’t let a pile of junk overwhelm you. Grab one box or one trash bag and head to one room you would like to tackle first. I personally like to start with the smaller, less cluttered room for the faster-completed task. Every day, fill the box or bag up with stuff that you no longer need or want. Do not think about how much money you spent on the item or how much money you are throwing away by getting rid of it. Just focus on getting your space and life back from the stuff. When you have the box or bag full, take it straight outside, so it is out of your house or space. I personally try to take my ‘stuff’ to our local Spirt of Sharing in Liberty or post it on our local Facebook group, Buy Nothing in Liberty County, for free.

Always remember, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Of course, you can always set your goals to fill more than one box or trash bag a day. Once the room or space is clutter-free, move to another room or space. You can work on it as fast as you would like or as slow as you want.

When it comes to going through your past loved one’s items that have been passed down to you or your child’s artwork, remember it is just an item. Yes, the items will always remind you of them, but you do not need a whole room of stuff to remember the happy times with them. You will always have those memories, and no one can ever take them away from you. Maybe sort out four or five things you really like and love from them that makes you happy. Make a space to display them so you can enjoy them daily. Maybe pass on the other stuff to a family or friend who could get use out of your grandmother’s pie pan.

Remember, when it comes to your kid’s room, keep it minimal. Yes, I know you want to buy them everything they want, but it is impossible to keep a room tidy when there is too much stuff in it. Set strict limits for your children’s belongings. Maybe one box of toys per child. Whatever you and your child decide is the rule. But when that box is full, something must go before they add something new.

I know we all have lots of paper clutter from the mail, receipts, and bills, as well. Save only what you need. When I check the mail, I throw all the junk mail straight into the trash. I only keep receipts that I need for my appliances and taxes. I set all the bills I can to paperless. When you go paperless, the companies send you your statement to your email. Which is a lot easier for you to find when you get ready to pay them a few days later.

The biggest rule in decluttering your home is if you use something or take something out, put it back up when you are through with it. If you don’t know where it belongs, figure it out. It either deserves a permanent home or does not belong in your house.

Everything has a place; every place has a thing. Ifyou have any tips or tricks you would like to share on decluttering or just simplify your life, email me at