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Dayton Rotary Learns Healthy Tips for Living

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    Nurse Practitioner Abigail Hiller Laney, Rotarian Brooks Hiller, Guest and DISD District Nurse Chrissy Sheffield Muller. (Laney and Muller attended DHS together). Courtesy Photo
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    DHS student, Cynthia Lopez and Rotarian Stephanie Montgomer.

Dayton Rotary President Ann Marie Mitchell welcomed the members and guests to the meeting. Dr. Luke Chachere led the prayer with Sean Stockard followed up with leading the pledges.

Rotarian Brooks Hiller had the program of the day and proudly introduced his daughter Abigail Hiller Laney, APRN, AG-CNS, B.C. Her topic was over healthy tips that she has gleaned over her years in the medical profession, specifically from the perspective of a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. Laney did a quick introduction of herself along with her journey to the present. She grew up in Dayton and is a DHS graduate. She now resides in the Fulshear area and works at Fulshear Family Medicine as an Adult Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist.

The presentation started with five important steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

The first step is to eat real food (aka fresh foods without preservatives). Finding a healthy diet and eating nutritionally is key.

The second tip is to minimize medications as one can. “A person’s diet and being a healthy weight go hand-in-hand. Set yourself goals when it comes to cholesterol (LDL) and blood pressure,” stated Laney. The Nurse Practitioner did discuss the latest diet fads and also touched on the weight loss shot craze.

Step three that was discussed in her presentation was to get moving. “Move your body and try to exercise 30 minutes most days. Weight bearing exercises for bones and metabolism is also recommended. Remember, some kind of exercise is better than nothing- we all know that. So get up and move!”

Sleep is a necessity, especially as we age. This is tip number four. According to researcher and sleep expert, Dr. Matthew Walker, if a person does not get enough sleep, it will eventually catch up to them. Laney elaborated more over sleep apnea.

“This is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. If you snore loudly and/or feel tired even after a full night’s sleep, you might have sleep apnea,” claimed Laney. “People that have trouble sleeping and/or snoring will likely be referred to a sleep disorder center. There, a sleep specialist can help determine your need for further evaluation. An evaluation often involves overnight monitoring of your breathing and other body functions during sleep testing at a sleep center. Home sleep testing also might be an option.”

The Nurse Practitioner also talked about some new treatments that are now available to those who suffer from sleep apnea.

Finally, the last and might be the most difficult tip to follow is to minimize stress. Laney suggested finding a best friend to talk with. She also stressed the importance of finding activities and/or friends that make you laugh. Laughter could be the best medicine for everyone.

Besides the five steps and/or tips, the program also included information about health screenings for cancer, dementia and heart disease along with genetic screening. The Rotarians asked questions, which Nurse Practitioner Laney provided them with more information and tips.

Before President Mitchell led the group in the 4-Way test, Rotarian Stephanie Montgomery introduced DHS student Cynthia Lopez who spoke to the group about a project that she is doing for her FCCLA organization that will benefit Bridgehaven called The Essential Drive.

Lopez stated, “Please help if you can by donating essential items and hygiene projects. The items will be used to make special kits for someone in need to take home. All donations will go to the Bridgehaven Center located in Dayton. For more information, feel free to contact DHS teachers Mrs. Stephenson or Mrs. Thibedeaux at 713-851-0372. Or donations can be dropped off at either Dayton High School or the Dayton Administration Building through the end of this month.”