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Love, Laughter and Liberty

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The COVID-19 pandemic has robbed so much from so many; it has stolen lives, ferreted away independence, and hideously infected the way we relate to our world. On Nov.17, a twenty-foot by forty-five-foot white tent was erected in the parking lot of Liberty Health Care Center; seeing this; a person may erroneously believe that this was going to serve as a COVID-19 testing site.

What occurred under the white canvas structure on Nov. 18 was nothing short of a demonstration of a force significantly greater than that malicious thieving virus; it was an exhibition of the purest love imaginable. This sentiment is best expressed by the words of Lord Byron, “Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.”

For two years, the pandemic governed how the residents of Liberty Health Care Center and their loved ones interacted, but on that day (barring basic precautions), families were united under the canopy of love for a Thanksgiving lunch. For many residents, this was the first time that they had witnessed their loved one unmasked, seen their radiating smile, heard their unmuffled laughter, or shared a meal.

What was on the menu, you may ask; turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, yams, green beans, and pumpkin or sweet potato pie. What was served, you may ask; thanksgiving by the ladle-full, gratitude by the pound, hope by the bushel, and tenderness by the ton.

Everyone at Liberty Health Care Center prays that the spirit of our Thanksgiving lunch finds its way into your heart and the hearts of those you love. We wish that gladness, joy, peace, and laughter are the walls of your white tent and that love will always protect you from above.