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Just how many cleaning products do you need to make sure to keep on hand for each cleaning situation that will occur within your home? There are all kinds of dirt and grime throughout our house that gives us a struggle to clean. Like removing grease splatters in our kitchen, hard water stains in our bathroom, dust on our baseboards, color marks on our walls or soap scum on our shower doors. But I think I might have found us a solution; it is called the Magic Eraser. Not only does the Magic Eraser clean up the dirt and grime, but it also offers antibacterial properties, so it will kill 99% of the bacteria and germs while you remove the dirt, grime, and scuff marks.

The Magic Eraser is made of a substance called melamine foam. The abrasive foam works like very fine sandpaper that gets into the grooves of the object being cleaned. It is a highly effective abrasive cleaner. The Magic Eraser loosens the dirt and then traps the dirt inside the foam.

To use the Magic Eraser, you must wet the sponge. If you use it dry, you could scratch the surface you are trying to clean. You should use the eraser gently. Don’t put a lot of elbow grease into scrubbing a spot, or you could end up with a scratched surface. If you have sensitive skin, I highly suggest you wear a pair of gloves. The eraser is made with abrasive material that could cause irritation to the skin. When you start using the eraser in your home in different areas, you might want to do a test area first to make sure you won’t ruin the surface you are working on.

I try to spend time with my grandkids as much as possible. But sometimes, I forget that little kids can be messy and accident-prone when it comes to spills at times. The Magic Eraser has saved me many times from stains, marks, and just plain dirt that my grandkids leave behind. This always leaves me to wonder how I survived raising my own kids. Then I remember lots of elbow grease and different products I would use to help with the cleanup from my kids made.

My grandkids Eden and Rhyder are starting to learn to write, color and draw with markers and crayons. Let’s just say they do not always keep it on the paper. I have found color marks on my wall, table, and floor, so I just use the Magic Eraser to remove the unwanted color marks off my wall, table and floor. I have removed permanent markers as well off the wall with the eraser. I no longer stress when they are being artistic.

I have used the Magic Eraser on the inside of my car to remove a Coke stain that my grandson, Nolan spilled in my back-car seat. I was totally amazed at how it removes the stain with just a little effort. My granddaughter Callie once got sick in my car while I was driving to Humble. Man, what a mess, and again I just broke out the Magic Eraser to clean the mess up in the seats. Taking away any spots from the vomit off her car seat and the seats in my car.

My grandson Cameron is all boy, and he does not think about his white tennis shoes before he bails off in the dirt before I can load him and his cousins up in the car to go to town. Not a problem for me though, this Nana has learned to keep Magic Erasers around everywhere. I just wipe down the shoes with the damp eraser and the shoes look brand new again. In the car he goes, with his clean shoes that took just a couple of minutes to clean.

My youngest grandson, Dallas is only 6 months old. He lives out of town, so I don’t get to see the chunky monkey daily. I try to keep toys for him, and all the babies, to play with and chew on, but I must say they can get filthy quickly while they are playing and drooling on them. Also, storing plastic toys between visits can make them dusty and nasty. No worries, I just take out my Magic Eraser to clean all the toys before he gets there that evening. Not only are they clean but it kills the germs and bacteria that might be on them from sitting around.

Then there is my dog Remi. Like the grandkids, he is full of energy and can be a tad bit messy as well. He is crate trained. He likes to jump on his plastic crate and play at night while I am trying to relax and read, which can cause his crate to get a little dingy by the end of the week. I wash out his crate on the weekends and scrub it down with an eraser to get all grime and dirt off the inside and outside. Keeps it looking new and clean. He has also been known to knock over things while in chase of his ball. I once was painting my nails when he ran over the top of the nail polish that was sitting on the floor beside me, spilling nail polish everywhere on the floor. I tried cleaning it up with paper towels, but it seems to make a bigger mess. I brought in my Magic Eraser to work its magic on the spill. Not a stain one was left on the floor.

There is not a day that goes by with my grandkids and my dog that I don’t have my Magic Eraser nearby on standby. This has been the best money I have ever spent on an all-purpose cleaner. Trust me, if you have not used a Magic Eraser in or around your home ever, I suggest you go out now and purchase you some of this magic. You will not regret it, I assure you.

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