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Happiness is sometimes less

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Have you ever met a minimalist? Yes, we all have heard about those extreme minimalists that sleep on the floor. They have nothing really in their home far as furniture and home decor. They don’t buy anything they don’t need, and they seem to be some of the cheapest frugal folks we have ever heard about. It just shocks us “normal” folks; anyone could live like that way and be truly happy. Well, guess what? They can, and they do.

Minimalism as a lifestyle is simply the way of life that removes excesses to concentrate on the most important things. This lifestyle will merely give you more breathing space, freedom, and happiness. So, let me start by saying to become a minimalist, you need first to understand that being a minimalist isn’t just about owning fewer items; it’s also about changing your mindset. The second thing you need to do is know why you’re embarking on the minimalist journey so that you can adapt it to fit with your lifestyle. Remember, minimalism makes your life simpler. This is because you have already made things simple by the time you get rid of the excess stuff in your life. That is precisely what you get from being a minimalist. By simplifying things, you will save a lot of time and energy. You will have more time and energy for the things that matter most.

Minimalism is a lifestyle you can work on within your professional and private life. Always remember what Epictetus said, “Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having a few wants.”

Having more does not always mean you are better than your neighbor. We all chose our paths to find our happiness. For some, more stuff brings short-term happiness; until they feel they need to find more happiness due to old stuff not bringing happiness to them anymore. But for a lot of us like myself, it means more stress and bills. The decluttering of “stuff” will help you clear your mind, and It also allows you to stay focused on being happy, fulfilled, and purposeful. Who knew getting rid of all the extra “stuff” in and around you would be so powerful for you emotionally?

After finding minimalism and simple living, I now know it is ok to do a lot or do nothing at all. Before I learned about simple living, I felt like every day had to be jam-packed with things to do and a house full of “things.” Suppose I didn’t accomplish a lot in one day; that was a bad thing. If I didn’t have a house full of the newest technology, home decor, or all the latest styles, I would not be as happy as my neighbor, who seems to have everything. Now I plan out what I would like to accomplish in a day and give myself a break if, for some reason, I can’t get it all done. I also learned trying to keep up with the neighbors is not as important as my happiness and goals. Life is about having fun and joy, and if you can’t find those things, maybe something has to change.

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