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Simple Little Life

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How do you check on your loved ones? Do you text them, or perhaps write them a note and mail it? The “old way” of writing a letter, some might say, is a longer process, of course. We write a letter, mail it, and wait a week or more to receive and respond to the letter. By no means is it what we now consider a norm.

Technology has made it much easier to find out how Aunt Robin is doing through a text message, at all hours of the day anywhere in the world. How

I don’t always think convenience is the best way to go. We are always in such a hurry, and with new technology, we don’t always stop to listen to what our loved ones have to say, much less stop, and share feelings with them.

Let’s face it, technology can be plain cold sometimes. Short and to the point can easily be void of any real emotions. Half of the time, we don’t even slow down to check on our family, and when we do, we are often just going through the motions because that’s what everyone says we should do. We look for the easiest, fastest way to do it. We send a text message and go on with our day. How personal is that? I, for one, am not a fan of communicating through text.

Now I am not saying you need to write anyone a five-page letter; I’m just saying it’s the simpler things in life that have special meaning. You could write a couple of lines and send a card to see how everyone is doing. Maybe send a thank you for that birthday gift Aunt Robin sent you. Don’t have a card? You could even use a piece of notebook paper for handwriting a note. A simple gesture of writing someone is a lot more personal than sending any text message, I assure you.

Recently I have also started to do a daily journal in the morning, writing down my thoughts, my daily goals and what I am are grateful for. Doing this helps clear my mind of stress and helps clear my head of any negative thoughts. I also write down what I am thankful for in my life. It makes me stop and think of all the good things I have going for me. It doesn’t take a whole lot to do it; in fact, it often takes me less than five minutes to write in my journal every morning while drinking my second cup of coffee. It is merely a great way to get focused on the crazy day ahead of me.

Let me just say even with all the technology we have today, nothing is more therapeutic than a pen and paper.

If you have any tips or tricks you would like to share on writing or just simplifying your life, email me at publisher@the