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Simple Little Life

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Simple living in today’s time is not always so simple. With technology at our fingertips, at all hours of the day, no matter where we are, we are being constantly distracted by things, such as social media, emails, APPS, and so much more. We are just starting 2021, and it’s already tough. We have political arguments going on, Covid-19 running crazy across the world and so much economic hardship across our county. I feel like we are under so much stress just by watching and reading the news, plus there are normal things still going on called “Life.” Man, oh man, how I miss the of life.

You remember the simple way of life, don’t you? When we didn’t buy the most expensive car because our neighbor just bought one. When we saved money on things if we could. When we decluttered our home and gave away our unneeded items as often as we could. We sat on our porches and relaxed after dinner to let our food settle while waving at the neighbors as they got home from work. Our kids played outside till dark. We called our family instead of texting them. When did things get so complicated?

I am not totally sure of this answer; maybe it was technology, the drive to make more money, or even the need to have the best because we believe we are the best. Who really knows? I just know I will get back to that simple way of life this year somehow, someway. It’s time to really stop to smell the roses and enjoy my life, my loved ones and to have that “simple little life” again.

Would you care to join me on this journey? I will be writing a weekly column with hints, tips, ideas and to share my experiences as I work to simplify my life, one week at a time. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas or share your journey with me at