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We all need a Scrub Daddy in our life

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I am always looking for that perfect product that will help me wash dishes in the most efficient, simple way there is. I don’t want to leave things soaking overnight, and I sure don’t like scrubbing for an hour trying to get that cooked cheese off that casserole dish, either. My time is very important to me. I want my cleanup to be easy-breezy, so I can move on to something I enjoy a lot more than washing dishes. I want a product that will help me get through the dishes as fast as possible.

Calynn and Taylor (my daughters) are very similar to me in this regard. They are always trying new hacks and products to help them get through their daily chores as fast and efficiently as they can. They both have two kids that keep them running and cleaning throughout the day. When they find a hack or product they fall in love with, they call their sister and me to share their newfound knowledge. We then each go out and find the product or try the hack ourselves. Calynn has been telling me to try the Scrub Daddy products. She absolutely loves them.

Scrub Daddy first debuted on the show The Shark Tank in 2012. The idea behind the Scrub Daddy is that they do not scratch the surfaces you clean with them. They don’t start smelling after a few days of use (unlike other sponges and scrubbers). The best thing is they clean very well. The food and other items will not stick to the sponge while you are scrubbing your dishes. If you need a soft sponge, use warm water to make the Scrub Daddy softer. If you need a stiffer sponge for scrubbing, just run cold water on the sponge, just like that. You have two sponges in one. The eyes are made for two of your fingers to help prevent them from slipping out of your hand. The mouth works for cleaning your utensils. You can also throw them in the dishwasher or washing machine.

So, I decided to give them a try.

I will tell you I am very impressed with this product. I used the Scrub Daddy on several different projects I had going this weekend, along with washing my dishes and countertops. It was pretty amazing how well it worked on all that I was using it for. Not only did I clean dishes with it, but I also used it to clean up my painting tools from painting. I then used it to give my stovetop an excellent deep cleaning. I thought, well, let me try it to clean my tub. It worked great in the bathroom as well. I then used the Scrub Daddy to help me spot clean my carpet in different areas of my house. Let me tell you; I was not disappointed in using this product on all my projects. Not only is this great for the dishes, but it is also great for cleaning tasks throughout your house.

Scrub Daddy made a believer out of me on how great this sponge work. I am now excited to try the other products that Scrub Daddy makes as well. If you are looking for something to help your life with simple everyday cleaning and scrubbing, this is a sponge I recommend.

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