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What others think is none of my business

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Everybody knows what opinions are like…. you know what I’m talking about... everybody has one, and some stink worse than others. So, why should you even care what somebody else thinks about you or your life? Do they really know you? Do they know the entirety of your intentions? I bet they don’t. As humans, it’s natural to worry or care about how others think of us due to our social nature, which has been hard-wired in us from birth. We often worry about how our friends, family members, workmates, and society will think of us when making certain decisions in life.

Truth be told, people will have opinions, even if you do what they believe to be correct. You will be judged for failing to comply with what people expect of you, and you will find yourself trying to please others because it makes it easier to handle them. But is it something that you want to do to yourself? Are you willing to let go of your own dreams and expectations only because you are afraid to attract negativity if you don’t? Well, a lot might do. But it’s only until the realization hits that you are doing no good to yourself by letting others control your life.

Unfortunately, if you want to live a life that is true to yourself and reach greater heights in your life, you need to let go of what others think of you and always remember, “What others think about you and your business is none of your business. So, stop worrying about it.

There are things beyond your control, and there are things within your power to worry about. You must realize that what others think about you comes in the former category, and no matter what you do, you can’t match up to everyone’s expectations. Worrying about what other people think about you is simply a waste of time as you are not obliged to live up to anyone’s expectations. Living up to other people’s expectations or that of society will just eventually lead to sorrowful regrets later in life.

You also need to stop being a people pleaser. The act of pleasing others might help you retain your place in that peer group, but you will never be happy if you are not yourself in front of others. You want to reconsider being with people who want you to please them by trying to be someone you are not. Avoid those who are just too reluctant to see the real you and be only around those who you don’t need to please.

Another reason you shouldn’t care about what other people will think of you when you make a specific decision because no one knows you better than you know yourself. Yes, some people out there think they know you, but in reality, they don’t even know you at all, which is reflected in their judgmental attitude towards you. Remember, your life doesn’t have to agree with anyone else out there as we are all different individuals, and everyone’s life journey is different. It’s ok if you make life decisions that don’t agree with the people around you, including those close to you who may not understand what you are doing.

The last tip I can give you, which will help you stop caring what other people think, is that you are unique, and there is no one like you, nor will ever be another you in this world and beyond. When you start embracing this amazing truth that no one can be you, other people’s opinions and perceptions of you will become irrelevant. Your uniqueness is indeed your birthright, as well as one of the greatest divine blessings and power you have been gifted with from above. If you don’t embrace your uniqueness and try to live a fake existence to please others or for fear of what other people think, you will never be happy in your lifetime. In short, you will never discover the fantastic quality and unique strengths and abilities you have been blessed with if you focus on being someone else.

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