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Help solve a local mystery

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    Richard Smalley holds up the chain on the old clock that is thought to have hung somewhere in Liberty. The Vindicator | Russell Payne
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    An old double-faced clock was found stored away by Danny Cupit in the attic of his father Glen’s home. The Vindicator | Russell Payne

Last Friday, we had an exciting visit; just as the afternoon was winding down, some local gentlemen stopped by the office with something interesting. The men Danny Cupit and Richard Smalley had made a discovery while searching the attic of Cupit’s father, Glen. They found an antique clock that Cupit believes used to hang somewhere in Liberty.

They had visited some of the local antique shops in hopes of finding some answers before their search for information on the clock brought them to The Vindicator. The clock is double-faced and came mounted to quite a hefty chain for hanging, and the interior of the clock was wired for lighting.

Friday, we made a post on our Facebook page and asked for some input on the piece. We received quite a few responses, including one shared opinion that the clock hung near city hall on the corner of Travis and Sam Houston Streets, while others believed it could have been located at the old Post Office on Main or some other place in town.

Cupit believes the clock has been in his father’s attic for at least 30 years and that it very well could have hung at one of the local banks on the exterior of the building. One local resident Ron Blake thought it was possible that it once hung in the old First Liberty National Bank lobby, where Tarver Abstract is currently located.

So we are on a mission and have already begun perusing some old photos and the pages of The Vindicator in hopes of locating where the clock, which has very few details of make or model on it, once told the time.

If you have any idea of where this old clock was located in Liberty, or possibly you have some photographic evidence of its location, please email editor@, or just stop by.