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Gable brings IT solutions back to the community he loves

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    John Gable performs routine maintenance on a printer at the Dayton Chamber of Commerce. The Vindicator | Russell Payne

Some statistics show that over 90% of all small businesses today report using at least one technology platform to assist their company with day-to-day operations. Even though technology helps small businesses grow and improves performance with day-today operations, it can also present a drastic challenge.

Large companies have devoted IT Departments, but what do small business owners do to keep up to date with today’s critical technological standards? Luckily, John Gable, owner of Jelly IT, has the answer to that question.

Taking its name from the jellyfi sh, which also serves as its logo, Jelly IT focuses on Managed Remote IT Services, Cyber Security, and IT Consulting, assisting businesses to navigate the uncharted seas of the constantly evolving world of technology.

Another factor that makes the company stand out is that it is a one-stop shop for IT and printing, while most companies only offer one or the other. The company even has a Printer Program that offers free paper and ink, which they also remanufacture. Jelly IT prides itself on having lightspeed twenty- four hours, seven days a week services for its customers.

Gable, who graduated from Dayton High School in 2008, is an IT Specialist with 17 years of experience. He worked closely with FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers after storms like Maria, Ida, and Michael to establish communications and keep things running through storms.

Gable, who grew up in Dayton and returned two years ago, saw the town’s potential with growth coming from new highways and businesses coming to the area. One crucial aspect of his decision to bring Jelly IT to his hometown was his loyalty to the city.

“ The main thing I’d like to let people know is that Dayton literally saved my life. I moved here from inner city Houston in 1999 and playing football in Dayton saved my life. I would love to give back to the community and to kids who are running from the same situation I did to show them that good things can definitely happen,” said Gable.

Gable hopes to one day achieve his goal of having a brick-and-mortar store in Dayton so he can continue to bring more to his beloved city. You can contact Gable directly at or call 9362536991. For more information on utilizing the Jelly IT service, visit their Facebook page or website,