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Liberty County Invites Residents to Plan for the Future: Engage in the Strategic Plan Update!

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Liberty County is embarking on a journey to update its Strategic Plan, a comprehensive roadmap that will guide development decisions for the next two decades. Teaming up once again with Texas Target Communities (TxTC), a community engagement program at Texas A&M University, Liberty County is seeking to incorporate residents' input to formulate a plan for the future. The original Liberty County Strategic Plan, developed in 2016 in collaboration with TxTC, has served as the county's official policy guide, addressing crucial factors such as growth, economic development, and environmental considerations. Now, as conditions in Liberty County and the region continue to evolve, the time has come to revise and update the plan to reflect the changing landscape and address new challenges head-on.

A strategic plan is a vital document that outlines the long-term vision for a community's growth and development. It encompasses essential elements such as development considerations, transportation, community facilities, economic development, environment, and housing. By reassessing goals and priorities, Liberty County aims to create a forward-thinking plan that ensures a resilient, thriving, and inclusive community for generations to come. The Liberty County Strategic Plan update not only serves as a guide for the county's growth but also supports capital improvement plans, regulations, and county investments. Additionally, it aids in securing grant applications and proposals that benefit the entire community.

Since September 2022, Liberty County has been collaborating with a community steering committee and Texas A&M students, faculty, and staff to drive the planning process forward. Over a period of four months, a dedicated group of Texas A&M graduate students specializing in planning and transportation undertook thorough research and data analysis. They conducted stakeholder interviews, online engagement, and focus group workshops in February 2023. These engagements aimed to gain insights into the distinctive challenges and opportunities faced by Liberty County. Building upon community feedback and best practices, the team formulated potential solutions addressing critical needs such as growth management, affordable housing, transportation safety and efficiency, economic development opportunities, community facilities siting and funding, healthcare and food access, and hazard management. On April 24, 2023, Liberty County held public meetings in Dayton to share the findings and proposals and garner community feedback to ensure that the plan aligns with the aspirations and concerns of Liberty County residents.

Additionally, Liberty County residents are encouraged to engage in the Strategic Plan Update process through an online platform. Community members can participate and share their valuable insights by visiting the project website. Through Idea Wall, Survey, forum, and other interactive features, residents can contribute their ideas, concerns, and aspirations. The website also serves as a comprehensive resource hub, providing access to materials and information shared during public meetings. Engage with the Strategic Plan Update by visiting the project website and play a vital role in shaping the future of Liberty County.

About TxTC

Founded in 1993, Texas Target Communities is an initiative between the Office of the President at and the School of Architecture at Texas A&M University. TxTC provides technical assistance to small, under-served communities across the state and focuses on holistic efforts to address land use planning, development management, and a host of challenges (i.e. civic, environmental, economic, etc.) encountered by communities today. Additionally, the thoughtful community engagement serves as a “real world” transformational learning experience for students at Texas A&M University.