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Water rates, health inspections and speed limits

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DAYTON – Change is coming as city council adopted new policies on water rates for those 65 plus, new health code inspections for eateries and a slower speed limit on US 90 on the city’s west end.

The opportunity to lower water and sewer rates for residents 65 and over was on Monday night’s agenda and council voted unanimously to make it happen.

“ This particular ordinance will allow anyone that is 65 years of age and older to receive a 20 percent discount on their residential water and sewer rates for their primary residence,” City Manager Kimberly Judge told council.

That discount can be obtained by any senior homeowner or renter that is the head of the household and can provide legal proof. To do so, a resident must provide documentation showing they are either the homeowner or have a lease agreement documenting they are the renter and a copy of their identification.

Those documents can be brought to city offices, where they can sign up for the discount as soon as the current billing cycle.

According to Judge, the city is already set up and ready to assist citizens.

“We are very happy to be providing these rates,” said Judge.

The discount does not apply to those renting or leasing from large apartment complexes where the water is set up through the leasing agent.

Local eateries across town will be subject to annual health inspections after city leaders adopt a new policy.

“ This ordinance will require eating establishments to obtain an annual health food inspection. This particular ordinance is coming after many particular complaints that we have received in our community,” said Judge.

The new rules outlined will ensure the proper handling and storage of food and ensure a safe environment. Currently, when new restaurants come to town, or complaints are filed against existing businesses, the city turns to Harris County, but that can take a lengthy amount of time, so the city will now contract with a private company to perform inspections.

The city will give notice of the new ordinance by the city and schedule inspections on all current and future establishments each year.

In other business, council addressed the speed limit on US 90 on the west side of town. According to Judge, a request was made by Tx-DOT that the city lower the speed limit to the city limits, which run to the Liberty and Harris County lines.

“We received a request from TxDOT to lower the speed limit from 65 mph to 55, during a construction time frame that they did not give us,” said Judge.

That construction is expected to include work on grade separation and work on the planned FM 1413 overpass and likely the proposed overpass coming into town over the railroad. TxDOT is worried about safety while work is taking place.

TxDOT will be tasked with posting the changes, and there is no indicator of how long the change will take and will have an immediate effect.

For more information on the water discount or health inspections, contact the city of Dayton at 936-258-2642 or visit their offices at 117 Cook St.