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Man survives collision with Amtrak train

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    An Amtrak passenger train sits at the Main Street crossing in Dayton after a collision with a man who tried outrunning it across the tracks during the Spirit of Christmas Parade.The Vindicator | Russell Payne

As large crowds had assembled along the streets of Dayton for the annual Spirit of Christmas Parade, an incident involving an Amtrak train and a pedestrian left some onlookers in shock. Just as the parade made its way to the intersection of N. Winfree and W. Clayton, an Amtrak passenger train made its way through town and made a quick stop just as it reached the Main St crossing.

According to Dayton PD Lt. Shane Burleigh, a man believed to have been intoxicated left the Spin N’ Market store on Winfree and proceeded toward the rail crossing as the Amtrak was about to cross Winfree. At that time, the man proceeded to try and outrun the passing train. The man was clipped by the train before hitting the ground.

One onlooker said her family heard the train’s horn and then looked back at the train as it hit the man to the surprise of many in the crowd.

“We looked back and saw him being hit by the train. Then people started screaming, ‘Did he get hit? Did he get hit by the train?’” said Skyla Powell.

First responders treated the man on the scene before being airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital. At the writing of this article, the man was still hospitalized and responding to people while receiving medical treatment. /p>

Coincidentally the accident occurred just as the Dayton Volunteer Fire Department approached the intersection as part of the parade. According to witnesses, first responders were sprinting down the street to assist with the accident before the trucks even had the opportunity to arrive.

“It’s amazing to see how fast the guys with the Dayton Volunteer Fire Dept responded. They literally ran down Winfree to get to the scene. The trucks in the parade were just approaching Clayton St & Winfree when the train came through. Proud of our hometown heroes,” said Dava Eldredge Glatfelter, who was attending the parade. The case has officially

The case has officially been handed off to the Union Pacific Railroad Police for further investigation into the incident.