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Winter Storm 2021
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Second Vaccine Dose Rescheduled

Poor road conditions and the inclement weather has caused Emergency Hospital Systems to reschedule all second dose Covid-19 vaccines. The date has been changed but all appointment times will remain the same.

The updated schedule is as follows:

Monday, Feb 15 will be Monday, Feb 22

Tuesday, Feb 16 will be Tuesday Feb 23

Wednesday, Feb 17 will be Wednesday Feb 24

Thursday, Feb 18 will be Thursday, Feb 25

Friday, Feb 19 will be Friday, Feb 26

Game Wardens Rescue Turtles

Texas Game Wardens have been braving the freezing weather conditions to rescue animals across the state and in the coastal waters. Hundreds of sea turtles have been rescued and handed over to wildlife rehabilitators. The sea turtles suffer from a type of hypothermia called cold stunning which is caused by rapid decreases in water and environmental temperatures. The turtles become stunned when they are unable to move to warmer waters and the condition can be fatal.

Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide poisoning cases have been reported by multiple hospitals across the state as people try to stay warm during the record breaking winter storm in the state.

Here are some safety tips for avoiding this avoidable situation.

Never run your vehicle in and enclosed area such as a garage even if the door is open.

Generators and other gas powered machines should never be used indoors.

Do not use grills, lanterns or gas camping stoves indoors.

Regularly check the batteries on your carbon monoxide detector if you have gas heating units in your home.

If you feel lethargic or have flu-like symptoms such as a headache and difficulty breathing, exit the home and call emergency responders immediately.