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Stampede of Broncos coming to Dayton

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DAYTON - Do not be alarmed by a stampede of Broncos while driving through the SH 321 underpass in the near future; it is just the newest art installation coming to town.

The Dayton Enhancement Committee brought the project to the latest city council meeting, asking for their blessing. It will include about 15 or so Broncos racing along the underpass wall in a northern and southern direction.

One of the Broncos that will adorn the Dayton underpass on SH 321.

Enhancement committee chairperson Susan Simmons brought forth the project and outlined details and a history of the underpass.

Plans to construct the underpass began in 1987 when the city council at the time was looking for ways to alleviate traffic throughout town best. By 1991 the project was completed, and has moved traffic through town ever since.

Estimates in 2018 showed around 30,000 vehicles a day traveling through the underpass, with estimates only expected to increase as Dayton continues to grow.

In 2016 the enhancement committee was formed, and one of the projects they wanted to tackle was a project at the underpass.

The project has been underway for some time, with initial plans focused on another mural through the underpass; those plans changed when Kimmy Wood, the man responsible for the Dayton Love Lock Fence at the community center, suggested fabricating the Broncos instead.

“ Mr. Kimmy Wood, who is an honorary member, sat down with us, and we had the idea to do metal running broncos. Seven going out of town towards Cleveland and seven making their way back home towards Bronco Stadium,” said Simmons.

Each piece measures 6’ x9’ and costs around $ 1,500 to produce, but taxpayers won’t be footing the bill. The cost is being funded by private donors, who will be recognized for their contributions with four stars that will be affixed to each end of the underpass.

The Broncos will be anchored to the wall, and the city will maintain the installation in the future.

Recent improvements by TxDOT to the structure have been completed, including new sidewalks and cleaning, and now the city of Dayton will step in to install the Broncos in the future. According to City Manager Kimberly Judge, there is no firm date yet.

The enhancement committee is working in conjunction with the Dayton Rotary Club.