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In regards to a Dayton City Council Ordinance Proposal to restrict livestock, horses, chickens but not swine in our city limits:

There are more agriculture producers, agriculture raised and influenced citizens, advocates, past 4H and FFA members in this community than any other single group. Owning livestock, horses, and or poultry is not only our right but for some a source of income. Most importantly it is a long heritage for some of us to continue to produce a commodity that feeds the world. Yes, our beef is processed right along with the big 3 packers in the U.S.

Did you know, the largest beef producers are not ranches with a few thousand head of beef. It is the small producers of 25 head or less. That is where the majority of your ribeyes and New York Strips come from. THE BOVINE (FYI those cuts come from the beef you see walking around the pasture as you drive by). The meat products they seem to enjoy on their bbq pit and plate do come from beef that is produced from grass and grain.

To move out to a rural community for its environment and then suddenly want to change our way of life or tell us our tractors are in their way, honk and wave a middle finger at us because my tractor has to go down the road to another field is sadly becoming part of life.

But, for our community “leaders” to not stand up for those that value and appreciate it, is very disappointing.

You either support our rural community values and way of life or you do not. It is very simple!

If you support this ordnance you are not supporting my rural home town or my family’s way of life. It is bad enough, that I pay taxes for services I do not have access to and I have never once complained but now you want to start mandating with laws like this. If you have problems, which I am sure there are a few that have animals on unsatisfactory land quality or chickens that won’t stay in their “own” yard, fix that, go to them and write your citation, fine them, I don’t care, That is one of the things I do pay taxes for right. If they can’t do that, then get another livestock or animal control person, maybe three, I don’t know. Fix the problem. I am not the problem, nor is the next generation of 4H and FFA members that will want to raise a pen of chickens or rabbits or a steer. Or a family that wants their children to raise hens for their “own” eggs to teach their children the values we or some of us got to do growing up in our little rural community. We can grow, and we can be a big community without losing our rural heritage and community atmosphere. But only if we elect leaders that value and appreciate our town.

This was not thought out well if at all. I expect a giant to be awoken here in our “RURAL” community [of] Dayton real soon!

From one unhappy hen,

Mary Catherine Brown Wilson

(Born at Dayton Memorial Hospital in Dayton, Texas-raised in Dayton, Texas — still lives in Dayton, Texas).