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Mass shootings, like the most recent on July 4th in Highland Park, Illinois, must stop! Gun violence is epidemic in our country.

Congress and President Biden recently passed the bipartisan Safer Communities Act in June. This act is weak and does not effectively protect ordinary Americans or our communities, like those celebrating at an innocent Fourth of July parade. My opponent, incumbent Brian Babin (R), voted against this very modest act, saying that it would lead to “unnecessary” gun legislation. Unnecessary? UNNECESSARY!

There are common sense measures that can be taken to keep guns out of the hands of mass murderers and murderers alike.

Persons seeking to purchase a handgun, or any weapon should go through a thorough background check and mandatory safety training as I did when I got my Texas license to carry (LTC) permit. No one should be able to buy a gun, take it home and use it within 24 hours. Perhaps there should also be safe storage and trigger-lock requirements for firearms. Mental health screenings may be unnecessary for most of us. But who would object when such screenings can be vitally important for preventing guns from falling into the wrong hands.

These are all things that can be done without infringing on anyone’s 2nd Amendment right to own guns. In no way does this suggest taking guns from anyone.

Events like the Uvalde and Highland Park mass shootings and untold murders will continue unchecked until we address gun violence by passing STRONGER gun legislation!

My opponent, Rep. Brian Babin and other Republicans, particularly Texas Republicans, seemingly are in lockstep with NRA lobbyist’s when casting their votes in Congress. Long ago, the NRA ceased to be lobbyists for hunters and gun-sports enthusiasts. Today, the NRA is the principal lobbyist for gun manufacturers.

Do Mr. Babin and other Republican’s love guns and gun lobbyists more than Texas children and human lives in general? Of course not, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at their voting records. If we are to move forward and away from the increasing trends of gun violence and mass shootings, we must do something different. Decades of electing the same obstructionists and do-nothing Republicans has got us to where we are today.

It’s time to change things in Washington, DC. Not change with only bluster and no plan for the future, but intelligent change, willingness to work together, compromise like adults, and offer bipartisan stronger gun control legislation.

As the frequency and body count for mass shootings and murders continue to rise, how much more evidence do we need? We are doing something wrong. God willing, we will begin to do something right. Crafting stronger gun control legislation is a first step.