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I would like to introduce myself to the good people of Liberty County. My name is Dr. Daniel Hochman and I am running for the District 7 seat on the State Board of Education. I am a full- time teacher for Ball High School and Galveston College, a single father of a teenager, and a 25+ year veteran of education in the classroom at every level. I have been named one of Galveston’s top 50 teachers; I recently earned a 3 year fellowship to Rice University to learn about and develop cultural inclusion in STEM classrooms and an ExxonMobile scholarship.

I care deeply about the well- being of students and my fellow teachers, and I plan to bring an experienced voice to the SBOE. In fact, the incumbent, Matt Robinson has crossed party lines to endorse my candidacy for that reason. As an SBOE member for District 7, I will ensure that teachers are able to do their jobs by giving them the resources and time they need. I will heed the calls of parents, teachers, and students and work to replace the abysmal STAAR testing program. For more information on where I stand on the issues, please visit my website at hochmanforsboe. com . In order to protect our public schools, it is time that we vote for the best qualified candidate rather than one with zero experience just due to party affiliation. For me, this isn’t about party or politics; it’s about the children and the future of our great state. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support in this important down- ballot battle on the November Mid- term elections.

Kind Regards,

- Dr. Dan Hochman