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What are your thoughts on the new “constitutional carry” law?

Toy Willard Lay

“The good guys can carry now.”

Scott D Brewer

“Open carry is for show, conceal carry is for protection.”

Donnie Brown

“I think it’s good as long as people will be mature adults when carrying.”

Sharon Irby

“I love the fact I can carry with out a License it is my right to be able to carry.”

Linda Gayle Griffin

“I hope it will make the scoundrels and thugs think twice before they come after someone.”

CJ Ainsworth

“It’s not “constitutional carry”, no where near it, the senate gop do nothings nuked the heck out of it.... in reality it’s a “permitless carry” law.

I like the idea of course, but having the ltc and being able to skip the background check part of the 4473 is nice.”