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Are you ready for school starting back?

Lea Dagle

“We home school our son and doing extremely well in it. Best thing we have done!! We start back in September!”

Ashleigh Morris

“We have had a really great summer! What I’m looking forward to is the three-day weekends w/ my kids! Not necessarily ready for them to go back, but I know they enjoy it! But knowing we will get an extra full day of family time every week is exciting!”

Jennifer Colburn

“No! Not because of covid or anything political, just because I like having my kids at home, they’re growing up too fast and summer was waaaaay too short.”

Kristin Welch Gilley

“YES! Teacher here, and despite safety concerns over health in my classroom, I am actually thrilled to be starting a new year. The mom side of me is sad though, as Jennifer Colburn said.”

Jenny Clements Conner

“No, the traffic becomes a nightmare during school sessions.”

Fillup Griffin

“No school should only be from the day after Labor Day to the Thursday before Memorial Day.

Casey Palmer Sewell

“Nope! Shortest summer ever!!”

Chrissy Findley Wiley

“Nope. Like my kids home and hate the morning routine.”