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What are your thoughts on the proposed new Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center on the Nov. 2 ballot?

Kitty Key

“Count me in. The present hospital has saved many lives by stabilizing before sending on. Left an unwanted kidney stone there myself and was very relieved to do so. Dayton is going to have to do something about it’s Hwy 90 bottleneck if it hopes to be an emergency destination for folks from the East.”

Audrey Boston Brooks

“We definitely need one. It’s long over due. That would be Awesome.”

Karissa Bradshaw Fields

“If it’s anything like the current Liberty “medical center” I’ll never visit.”

Jesi Renee

“I just recently moved here, but was very thrown back by the hospital coming/growing up from an area with about 5 hospitals within 30min of each other. Would love a great place to take my kids instead of driving to Humble or downtown.”

Stephanie Blume

“The property taxes are already so high I don’t see how people can afford that.”

Jimmie Bear Cullars

“The new hospital is almost to Hardin/ north Liberty, how will that benefit anybody in Dayton? WE NEED OUR OWN HOSPITAL DISTRICT IN DAYTON. The growth will be in Dayton Area not Liberty.”

Carolyn Williams-Walker

“I had negative feelings about the present hospital in Liberty until I was taken there with congestive heart failure and I’m here now to talk about it thanks to them, no more negative feelings, I’m all for any improvements...”

Linda Jamison

“There is a lot of misinformation flying around. There will be public meetings in all the communities served by the hospital district. Please attend, ask questions and get straight answers folk!”

Dianna Van Tassell

“I’m for it 100%. A new facility will bring in the new providers. Dayton will also get a much need clinic with extended hours.”

Connie Jordan

“We need this new hospital, it could save your life!”