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“The power was there”

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And the power was there....

Luke 5:15-20

As we see in this text there were many that had came to hear Jesus. There were people but also there were the Pharisees, doctors of the law, and scribes that were among them. It says that they came out of every town of Galilee, Judaea, and Jerusalem.

They came on this certain day, as scripture calls it, in what appears to hear Christ teach. The house that they were all in was very full, there was a multitude that had gathered but other than that there seemed to be nothing else .....

Four men came up upon the house ,they had decided that they were going to carry this person to the master. He had the palsy and was crippled, unable to walk! The four had the crippled ,palsy , man and his bed!

They had such a determination to see their friend or relative healed that they went beyond!

They went beyond saying if it is Gods will for him to be healed, it will happen!

They went beyond prayer, that is important, but sometimes you have to put feet to your prayers!


King James Bible

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

They went beyond every obstacle, I know that the Bible doesn’t say all that, but if you are so driven to go far enough to carry a cripple in his bed , I believe that you are driven to do those things also!

They went beyond all of that to come to a full house.....I bet their faith built up big time! Look at that crowd, there is no telling what is going on in there!

I wonder how many issues of blood he has healed today? How many blind eyes are now seeing? How many other cripples are now walking? How many have been forgiven? This could have been their thoughts, but instead they met a wall in the form of people!

But they went beyond, all of their expectations, all the fame that was spread of Jesus, all the hope of the full house.....they just met a wall in the form of a complacent multitude!

It too often seems that we all hit walls! We pray, fast and nothing seems to happen, we are faithful; a good spouse, parent, Christian…..but still we hit walls!

I think that too often that is God testing us, it is the enemy trying to stop us, but we know “that with God all things are possible!” We need to go beyond every obstacle, every person, every sickness, every wall!

I know that if we could move past all the walls we could see the glory of God rest upon us, we would see ours walls fall as the walls of Jericho did when the people worshiped God in the face of the impossible!