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As Christians

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Stephanie Blume - Pastors Wife

Pastor of The Family Church - Hardin, TX

We are an advocate for Christ,we are the mightiest army of any army. We are armed with the shield of faith and the sword of the spirit,the word of God.

It is this word that defines us, that pierces us,for it is sharper than any other sword!

We are judged by black and white,right and wrong,as we bind together . The common faith.....but in reality we are not!

We have mixed the black and white into something more palatable,and now we have 50 shades of grey.

We have traded right and wrong for what is culturally relevant,because after all the Bible is an outdated book written to an entirely different people.

But at least we still have unity of the faith,we’ll never mind,we can’t even agree to disagree....

I am afraid that we have adapted the mentality of pilate in John 18:38,he standing before the Christ would ask him what is truth?

I think that question may have come in part at least from what he had observed from the “people” of God.

Pilate stand before a man that no fault is found in and looks at the crowd,the church if you will,as they revel,rebel,and shout crucify. Pilate says you have a custom.....

I want to look at our customs for a moment, what we feel instead of what Gods word says!

We need a revival of the word! A return back to God!

We spend more time fighting one another than we do the enemy of our soul! We need to put our differences aside…. Jesus said if they aren’t against us then they are for us.

We could do so much if we as the body of Christ, regardless of denomination, would work together for the kingdom!

Have a blessed week. You can follow us live on Facebook @tfchardin The Family Church or visit us at 656 cr 2010 Hardin, TX. Sinai, Zion, Ararat, Ebal

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4. In Matthew 10, Jesus instructed the apostles to go among the ... ? Heathen, Gentiles, Blind, Israelites

5. What happened to Moses’ rod when he cast it on the ground? Broke in two, Spoke to him, Became a serpent, Blazed up

6.From Job 20, what sort of men suck the poison of asps? Wicked, Aged, Tribal, Leper ANSWERS: 1)Neither, 2) Ararat, 3)Father-in-law, 4)Israelites, 5) Became a serpent, 6) Wicked

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