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Give me that mountain…

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There is little doubt that we all have that special place in our memories that we can go back to!

A place that in our darkest times; when pain,sickness and death seems to devour us.

A place where we feel abandoned and venerable; the times when people have walked away from us,spoken so harshly to and about us,when we have been used to the extent that there is nothing left of us but a broken shell,-really just a remnant of what we used to be…..

As Joshua came back to the Jordan river to cross over into the promised land some 40 years later,Caleb said to him ,I am still able….give me that mountain!

I think there was something special about “that” mountain. Surely it was more that the outline,height,or appearance.

I have a thought that just maybe that specific mountain was the place where Joshua and Caleb cut down the cluster of grapes that was so big it had to be carried on a staff between them.

This cluster,this fruit was so monumental that they would carry it back to the congregation to try to kill the evil report and convince the congregation that Gods word was true!

Look and see it’s not just words or our idea of the land and it’s description….here is the fruit!

It’s now four decades later and it appears the Caleb “place” was that mountain, I am sure that he can still taste the grapes.

He can still remember the weight of them on his shoulder and the necessity of taking them to the people! He visits that place in his mind(if he is like me) saying if I could just get back there, it would be different this time, I will never leave!

I will fight to keep that place to be more than just a memory! This place will become a reality!

A place for my family and myself to inhabit! This will be our life,our hope and reality!

Yes ! Joshua I remember and I am still able! Give me that mountain!

We all have that place and though we may not all be able to go back because of death and time,I understand that. But I am speaking of those places in a spiritual sense,those places where God manifested His presence so greatly in our life’s!

Places where the enemy of our soul has done his best to steal,kill and destroy!

But to you, the spiritual Caleb, that has never given up on “that mountain “ you can still go and obtain that place!

Our God,His kingdom, are eternal places!

He gives gifts without repentance and when we get back into relationship with him, he is going to restore us and give us the desires of our hearts…. that place!