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I Still Trust You Lord

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Proverbs 3: 5- 6 says, “ Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Allowing God to be your guide begins with a commitment to trust. God cannot lead you where you will not follow.

Life can send us many trials, hurts, tribulations and pain but we must never waiver from our trust in God. The Bible says that we are made strong in our weakness. That He will never put on us more than we can bear. And that is different for each one of us. Today you may be able to handle more than you could handle tomorrow. God always goes before you, and He knows your strength.

You are not supposed to figure out your path through this life alone. God will guide you throughout all the twists and turns of life. He will protect you and take care of you. He will lead you to a life of freedom and purpose greater than any life you could carve out for yourself. We must grow our desire for God’s instruction and guidance.

If you’ll let him, God will guide you in and out of every circumstance by tugging on your spirit and speaking to your heart. With God in charge of your life you will be perfectly led. He’s given you all you will ever need to go through life with him as your guide. You just have to trust him to lead you better than you can lead yourself.

There’s great power in trusting Him. For it clears the way for our security to be based solely on Him, not on our circumstances, or other people, not on ourselves, or our own ways of thinking.

He is faithful to lead us and He sees the big picture. He brings clarity and light through foggy times. He knows what’s around the other side of the bend where we can’t fully see. His timing is perfect even when we start to feel like we’ve been forgotten. No matter how we feel or what our current situation may be, we can be confident that God’s Presence will go before us, paving out pathways, guiding and guarding our steps. Visit The Family Church 9456 Hwy 146 N Liberty, TX ( Hardin, TX) or Facebook live @tfchardin.