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The marionette

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The marionette is defined as a puppet that is controlled by strings, wires, or threads that are connected to it.

A definition in my way of speech is this; a puppet that is controlled by what it is connected to.

You see it doesn’t matter who owns the puppet, only the connection is what matters!

A lot of people say that they belong to God, but their connections say different!

Paul would write that he is a bond servant to Christ in romans 1:1, he was showing the connection and the holder ... you see that Paul had previously been a puppet for the church. His connection was to man and his holder was religion!

He had went out and was martyring the Christians because of their connection and their holder!

But it came a time in Paul’s life that as he was on his way to persecute that God would sever the strings that connected him to man! It was an experience on the Damascus road that would change his life in the short term in blindness and forever in con version!

Elisha said to Elijah, I want the double portion of your anointing!

Elijah said that is a hard thing but not impossible, you are going to have to stay close to me, you are going to have to stay connected to me as I am connected to God!

After he received the mantle, he went to the same water that his predecessor had struck and he struck the water as well saying where is the God of Elijah?

This was to ensure that the connection that he received from Elijah was handled by God alone!

I strongly feel that God is trying to call the church back to a time that we remember and revive what was once in our relationship with Him.

We must sever and allow Him to break the cords that we can’t; the cords that are controlling us, holding us back from worship, servant hood, and the experience that we once had!

God inhabits the praises of His people and in His presence, there is liberty!

I would also add that He gives gifts without repentance, and those gifts will be restored as we move through this life as a marionette controlled by Him!