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The Storms Bring Rain

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If you live in Texas, then you understand that we have not seen rain in many months. And it shows in our surroundings when you look around and see the trees are loosing their leaves, the grass is dead and the ground is so dry that the foundations of homes are shifting. We desperately need rain however we don’t want the storms that often come that bring the rain.

As Christians we often face storms in our life, and we don’t like to see the storms. But if we want to grow, replenish our spiritual life then we must have rain and that comes from storms. Rain can be gloomy, and storms can destroy. But rain makes things grow. Rain nourishes. Rain strengthens. Rain brings new life. Rain brings rainbows and reminders of God’s promises.

What if we saw those rainy situations or storms as God’s means for growth and bringing new life? We need the rainy situations in life just like the flowers need the rain. What if we changed our perspective and learned to be thankful for the storms because we know that storms bring rain. And rain allows life to flourish. “The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on rock.” Matthew 7:25 The storm won’t last forever. But just as physical thunderstorms surely pass, so Jesus will bring us through our storms. Jesus spoke peace over the wind and waves, bringing them to a standstill. Today, He speaks that same peace into your storm. His peace is your inheritance, even in the midst of rough waters.The storm is never outside God’s control. Jesus didn’t sleep because He was indifferent to the disciples’ plight. Instead, He held a calm trust that flowed from His divine dominion over creation. Indeed, He commands this power over every tempest we face. All things fall under His sovereign protection and watchful care including your storm.

The storm can deepen our faith. Our storms inflict pain, but they also churn up false beliefs, idols and other hindrances to our sanctification. With these obstacles removed, faith can flourish, and trust can deepen. Our eyes may see only wreckage, but God sees His tireless work of redemption on our behalf. On the Sea of Galilee, Jesus used the storm to call His disciples into a life of deeper trust.

When we feel battered and Jesus appears silent, may we cling to these truths and allow perseverance to complete its work in us. Today, may we confidently trust that God is with us in the storm and patiently await the calm that’s coming on the other side. Please visit The Family Church 9456 Hwy 156 N Hardin, TX or facebook live @tfchardin.