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Taking Inventory and asking yourself “Where did that come from?”

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Yesterday I was cleaning my truck, it has been a while since I had cleaned it out. There has been hunting trips, beach trips and my grandson in the backseat.

So I found all kinds of stuff back there; plenty of sand, dried mud, work stuff, dried french fries,popcorn and candy around “someone’s” car seat. We as grand parents and parents know how that happened.

I thought about how things just seem to pile up, even when you don’t see it or realize it. When you start taking inventory of what is there, it usually shows more than what you thought.

This reminds me of life and how things just pile up both physically and spiritually, even when we are unaware it is piling up and before you know it you feel so cluttered and weighted down

When Peter was asked at the birth of the New Testament church what it took to be saved(Acts 2:38),repentance was first!

Paul would tell the Corinthian church(15:31), the we need to die daily!

Repentance causes the fleshly desires to die and we need to pick up our cross, as Christ would pray in the garden “not my will but yours be done!”.

In our hectic daily lives we must stop and examine our life and relationship with God to see what clutter had accumulated.

We need to look under the back seat, look through our work stuff , look at our hobbies ,even look under the car seat and see what is going on. We must always keep Christ first and foremost in/ through all of life!

When we walk through life in repentance, we walk in freedom!

Be quick to apologize, to forgive, to forget ,and say I am sorry even if it’s not your fault!

Mathew 6:15

But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses

When we live in this kingdom lifestyle, we will soon begin to say “what is that?” To the blessings of God as they become more evident in our lives! So take daily inventory and allow God to remove every character defect both physically and spiritually. We need to lay aside every weight that would hinder our walk with God. Live a life in freedom with God!