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I set here this morning to watch the sun come up; this is my favorite time!

I came out on the porch to read,pray,and drink my coffee as the world comes to life. The hummingbirds, Redbirds and people are all coming by.

It has gotten light but still no sunrise…….

It reminds me of the times as a young child that we would be deer hunting. We always had to be the first ones in the woods and the furthest in the woods and we had to be there at least 3 hours before daylight (or it seemed) for the woods to settle.

We were like everyone else then, we didn’t have much;there was no good clothes,no box stand,definitely no heaters! This wasn’t even for pleasure back then, it was to eat!

It seemed so cold back then! It’s kinda like now it seems so hot! Sitting there on the leaves that were crunchy from the frost, shaking, teeth chattering…. I probably scared more deer away!

I desperately waited for that first ray of sunlight to come! Just to see it piercing the darkness made you feel warm!

That one ray of warmth coming trough the trees would begin to kill the bitter cold and the darkness. Even tho it wasn’t on you,you knew it was coming! The hope that it was over! The sun was going to shine on you;the bitter cold, the darkness that surrounds was over!

You could see it, now you could move and find a spot , position yourself in that great awakening ray of sunlight!

Though I didn’t like those hard times of my childhood because we didn’t have much, it is now those times that reveals so much to me now! I smile even now as I think of the family dinners,board games with the family and especially those hunting trips! A time before technology, a dark time,a bitter time or so I thought. I couldn’t seem to wait to get away from there and now I wish I could just go back!

Still no sunrise … … I am on the opposite side of the mountain from the sun, I won’t see the sun rise over the ridge until about 9:00.

But I know it’s there! I see the ray of hope! I have positioned myself to receive it even if it is hours later than those on the other side!

This is what living is like! This is what living for God is like!

Without a vision people perish! Choose to see! Position yourself to receive,even if it is later than it should be! Even if it’s been dark and bitter and cold; position yourself!

Go to church! Connect with those that are being blessed! Pray, live,and serve like them,position like them and before you know it the “Son” will be shining on you as well!