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A Champion

David and Goliath, Goliath was the champion!

A champion is not defined as one who never fails but more so as one who doesn’t stop!

A champion is defined as one who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition.

Saul was the first king of Israel . It was never Gods plan for Israel to be ruled but by one king, , the king of kings! This kingship was chosen by the people.

You can see that in 1 Samuel 9 where Saul was made king, it also says that he was taller than anyone else.

Now as we fast foreword just a bit we see that this king, the tall dark and handsome, was in his tent hiding as the champion of the phillistines was calling to him to send him a man!

As the young man David would arrive at the camp he wasn’t able to find anyone because they all were hiding in fear as he would soon hear Goliath call out!

We generally preach it and look at it this way, that David was a small young man , just a Shepard boy! It was just a boy that would come before the king and say is there not a cause? They would ridicule him for being there, speak badly of him... but what I notice is this, the king would place his garments of war on David. David would take them off because they were not proven to him, not because of the size!

All of that to say this, you are greater than you see yourself and how others see you!

You/we need to stop comparing ourselves to the champions of the world or those chosen by the world! You are different! You are anointed! And called of God!

You dont need to be a champion by the standards of the world! All you need is the call and anointing of God!

I have thought about this some, by every standard David was a small boy...overlooked even by his family! And so many others! Maybe the difference was the anointing…..maybe it caused him to begin to grow or something ….i do not believe that was the case, but I will never believe that they would have sent out David as he appears to face Goliath in respect that all of their lives depended on that one single fight! It would be the same as saying to one of our young men, come and fight one of these adults.

What I do know is that the anointing will change you in a spiritual sense ! The anointing WILL make you a champion! It may not make you grow in a spiritual sense, but it will allow people to see you as God sees you! It WILL make the enemy see you as God sees you!…correction, it will make you much bigger to the enemy! Because when he sees you under the anointing , he then sees all of heaven with you!