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Worship changes things

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I know that i do preach and teach a lot about praise and worship,BUT THAT IS ONE THING THAT CAN AND WILL CHANGE THINGS MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE WILL!!!

If you receive the Holy Ghost , if you receive a blessing from God,and you are not willing to ,or dont praise Him for it……you wont walk in that blessing very long!

I am definitely not saying that each person is going to respond in worship the same way….but i am saying that each person should respond! And at times there should be corporate worship break out in the church!

Your praise is going to dictate your gratitude towards God and towards every situation in your life! That is why the Bible says enter with praise and thanksgiving ,be thankful and bless His name . We must remind ourselves,others,God,and powers that be !

There is a lot of things that i dont know,but one that i do is this; worship moves God! The woman tell

The woman telling jesus that even dogs eat crumbs from the table may speak the loudest but there are others…

When the Hebrews in 400 years of slavery ,all it took was a cry unto God! David returned the ark of God with the ephod and the dance,Jericho’s walls came down with the obedience but fell with the shout of praise! Blind men became seeing as they worshipped the son of David!

Our holiness,seperation,and sacrifice anchors us,sets us apart and shows faith in God,but worship moves Him!!!!

Luke 17;11-19.

There were 10 lepers….jesus was on His way to Jerusalem as he passed thru Samaria and as he passed through the ten lepers were there ,standing far off.

They lifted their vioce to jesus saying have mercy on us! Jesus told them to go to the tabernacle,get to church! And then they would be cleansed! Their worship made them clean! Because you cant worship what you dont love or want!

But their was one that was different,when he saw that he was healed he turned back and began to glorify God with a loud voice! He fell down at His feet and gave thanks! Thru this he was made whole! It’s a great thing to be healed,but it is much more to be made whole! Worship moves God in such a great way!

Allow me to tell you show that i see this in my mind….there is a group of people that all know who jesus is. They knew who he was,what he could do,they may have been far off or their life may have separated them,but still they understood he was in their midst!

Even though they were separated by their lifestyle,they still knew that when they worshipped the one….


You see,when we begin to step out and worship God like no one else,we begin to receive of God like no one else!

It does not matter what you have going on,how far off he may seen to be,when you worship…..