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“A Season of Change”

Autumn is a season of changes. Autumn Is The Season To Set Godly Priorities. We all have busy schedules, but even on our most hectic days, just as we make time to feed our bodies, it’s also important to nourish our souls. Take time to listen for the still, quiet voice of God to see where He is leading.

Autumn is a time when lots of invitations may come your way – but not every one of them is from God. As you reflect upon the opportunities before you, ask God for His wisdom as you plan your days. When in doubt, apply Scriptural principles to your decision-making.

Autumn is the season to set our priorities in accordance with God’s Word.

Autumn Is The Season To Make Every Moment Count. There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. – Ecclesiastes 3:1

As our children go back to school and our families adjust to their new fall routines, it’s more important than ever to ensure that our families spend quality time with God and one other!

How do you make sure that God and your family come first on your busiest of days? Here are a few ideas that you can easily incorporate into your fullest of weeks. Set aside time each day to pray for each member of your family. Pray for any individual needs and specific concerns they have. Pray for their salvation and their spiritual growth. Pray specific Scriptures over their lives.

Make the most of every moment. As you drive your children to school and activities, find out what’s new in their world. At mealtime, invite them to share about their day, listening closely to what they say – and what they don’t. As you shop with your kids or help them with their homework, invite them to share any concerns that are on their minds. Let them know you always have time for them. Use your time wisely. Make time for fun! On the weekends, look for relaxing, wholesome activities that the entire family can enjoy. Be sure to include seasonal activities that remind your family of the beautiful world that God created and the countless ways that God blesses us each and every day!

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