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United We Stand

In this time that we live in, it seems that we have lost so much, but I still believe in the power of a United church body!

Now, let’s go to our text into David in 1 Samuel 30;1-9

As David and his men were out fighting, the Amalekites came in and took all of their wives, sons, and daughters captive.

The city which was their home was burned with fire; everything that they had as a possession was either carried away or destroyed!

David and his men, these were mighty men, they wept! They wept until they had no more power to weep!

It came to the point that the people spoke of killing David, for they were so broken-hearted! It would seem as it were just a lash out, not that they meant it, but they were just broken.

I want you to understand, those that have been fighting: jobs, health, issues, etc., you have been fighting…..and it seems that you have come home to see everything gone, destroyed. You have wept, you have no more strength, people have turned against you,…..but here me! You win!

I see you rising up from your ashes, as David did, I see you calling for the pastor and joining together with him in worship, as they had the ephod, the garment of praise!

I see a church uniting, one person at a time…..saying, I will worship with you, I will grasp your vision, pastor! PREACH IT

As they started worshipping, God turned the sadness into joy, and David asked the question? Shall I pursue? Shall I overtake them?

God said yes! Pursue, overtake, recover, …….you will win!!!!

I want you to know that we win!!! Not because of what we do but because God wins!!!

Is there anyone here that can look up and see it?

John the revelatory didn’t actually see it in person but in vision!

Can you see it? All that you have done is not in vain as long as you have the vision!