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A three-legged stool is ok as long as the legs don’t get wobbly or broken. If they do, the stool is off balance and cannot stand. Our lives are like a three-legged stool we are made up of our body, spirit, and soul—the physical, mental and emotional. The parts make up the whole unit of us. We must realize that if we do not keep ourselves tight and repaired, we will not be able to stand either. We become wobbly like a broken threelegged stool. For us to be able to serve God, His kingdom, our families, our churches, then we must be able to bear the weight of responsibilities and obligations well balanced.

We have several parts that make up who we are as ministers’ wives.

The whole me: God wants us to be wholly as well as holy. God wants to sanctify everything that is unruly so we can be holy.

The visible me: we are the temple of His body. John 2:21. God choose a body to do His work. We need to be conscious of our bodies because it is to be a living sacrifice unto God. Romans 12:1. We are all of Jesus; some may ever see.

The invisible me: we all feel invisible at times, but the word of God is the only thing that can divide between the soul and spirit. God knows our very thought intent and our hearts. Others may not see us, but God does.

The diversities if me: Our lives are very diverse, but no worries, God likes variety! 1 Cor 12:4 now there are diversities of gifts but the same spirit. Romans 12:6 have then gifts differing according to the grace it is given to us.

We wear many hats, and we all get tired, down, and feel like we are in a rut, but the most important thing we must remember is to never measure our ministry with someone else’s ministry. We are all different and minster differently according to our gifts and talents.

To be balanced, we not only need to relate our whole being ....all we are all we God, but we also must developer our own private relationship with God on a personal basis.

You will more often hear His voice when you are quiet. God’s design is always in balance the day for work, the night for rest. We all go through seasons of life...spiritual seasons included. Seasons come to us as women, churches, in nature, and in spirit.

Times will come when your life is hard to balance, and you begin to wobble, but when we build an altar of sacrifice, God will strengthen us, and we will begin to become spiritually stronger, and our inner structure will become balanced. A balanced life is Christ life!