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Magic in the blue soap

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Have you ever walked down the cleaning aisle at the store and felt a strong overwhelming feeling that you are in over your head? There are so many cleaning products on the market to try. All you are looking for is something basic to help you clean your home. You did not come to the store with the intention to buy 5 different products to clean your bathroom. Recently, I decided to take a break from reading all the labels on the different cleaners. I would go get my dish soap that was on my shopping list, giving my spinning head a break for a moment. Yes, I still hand wash all my dishes daily.

My husband is a blue Dawn dish soap man. He does not like any other kind of dish soap. He says it cleans the best and cuts the grease better than any soap on the market. So, of course, Dawn dish soap is the only dish soap I buy. But while standing there looking at the different sizes of blue Dawn soap, I got to thinking. If this does so well on cleaning dishes, I’m sure it would work cleaning other things in my home. So, I started to do some research on the uses of dawn soap. Let me tell you, I am impressed.

Dawn dish soap is clearly one of the most effective and powerful dish-cleaning soaps ever! What is even better than that? It is extremely gentle on the skin and does not cause any irritation and/or dryness. Plus, it has a great smell.

I found several different ways to use Dawn soap to clean things, other than washing my dishes.

Dawn soap is great for stains on clothes. I know my family always forgets to tell me when they get grease on their clothes or other stains. I started using Dawn (blue) in every load I wash. Man, I am impressed with the stain removal of those forgotten stains on our clothes. I just add 4 drops or 1 teaspoon of Dawn soap in my laundry soap dispenser along with my laundry detergent. I’m careful not to add too much, so I do not create lots of bubbles. I wash and dry the load as normal.

I also use Dawn soap on my carpet as a stain remover. I mix a cup of Dawn dish soap with two cups of hydrogen peroxide. I put the mix in a spray bottle and spray on my carpet stains. I use my scrub brush or sponge on the spot after letting it sit with the Dawn soap for a couple of minutes. The results are amazing.

Did you know that Dawn soap is a great flea treatment for your pets? I have used it on my dogs for years. You just wet the dog down, pour on the Dawn soap and lather it up. I always let it sit on the dog for a minute or so, then rinse. You will be amazed at how many fleas were on your dog.

You can also clean your cabinets in your kitchen with Dawn dish soap. Greasy cabinets and cupboards are caused by frequent cooking in the kitchen. Squeeze four drops of Dawn on a damp sponge, then wipe the cupboards down. Be sure not to scrub them because you could damage the material on them. By doing this, your cabinets will be looking like they were just installed.

I use Dawn soap in my bathroom to clean my sink and tub, as well. I just squeeze a few drops in the tub and sink. I use a sponge to scrub the whole area down. I make sure to get rid of any marks or dirt I see. It makes them look nice and clean.

I have also used Dawn soap to unclog a toilet, thanks to its anti-greasing properties. All I did was pour a cup full of Dawn soap into the toilet bowl and let it stay for about thirty minutes. I then poured a bucket of hot water into the toilet bowl, and just like that, my clog was gone.

So far, my research and experiments have impressed me with the many uses of the blue Dawn liquid soap. I will continue to use it in its many ways to help me simplify my cleaning in my home.

If you have any tips or tricks you would like to share any cleaning tips or just simplify your life, email me at