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Rush Limbaugh Gone? Not So Fast!

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So, Rush Limbaugh is gone...or is he? Of course, he is, physically. But, is he really gone? What Rush handed down will never go away. And if we appreciate truth and accountability in our media and politicians, we should be matter where one finds themselves on the political spectrum.

We all remember being taught and influenced by our grandparents, teachers, parents, siblings, friends and others who impacted our lives significantly. Recipes handed down and enjoyed at every family gathering and that special knot we use every time we go fishing are great examples of things that remind us of those that have touched our lives. In a way, those people live on through what they shared.

Where does Rush fit into that line of thinking?

Before Rush, what often got reported by almost all media was the “truth” they chose to create. When the media told us that a political figure or celebrity did not say or do what the “liar” Rush Limbaugh had attributed to them...he played the audio, video, or both. After constantly being told that Rush was a racist, male chauvinist, and homophobe, we were able to learn from him and those closest to him that he not only had people of color and women on his staff and in his decision making inner circle, but he and wife-to-be Kathryn invited Elton John to play at their wedding.

Each time we were misled in mass, or Rush was misquoted, the truth had been recorded and was available for review to an ever-expanding number of radio listeners and television show viewers. It was initially difficult to believe the American people had been so greatly deceived for so long by the “trusted” media complex. Yet Rush proved it to us every day. Did Rush have attributes, expressions, and little sayings that could put people off? Sure! However, much of the negative reported and attributed to Rush was derived from hypocritical leftists’ own words and actions. He then turned those things into an entertaining element of a master entertainer’s show. Rush also made us aware of that, otherwise, we may never have known—just like it was before the age of Rush Limbaugh.

If not for Rush and the massive conservative radio and TV industry that he birthed, we might not have heard about Joe and Hunter Biden’s international activities. Problematic elements of our last election could very well still reside under the rug. We would have little knowledge of men and women in congress that genuinely dislike this country as founded and prefer laws, actions, and philosophies that favor other nations. Without Rush, we may not have enjoyed the success of a Trump presidency, complete with the ugly revelations about our political system and the actors in it that have been and are still being exposed. Adam Schiff’s made-up story of President Trump’s phone call to Ukraine would be presented as fact and believed, with no rebuttal.

Not now. Rush forced us to stop, look, and listen.

So, every time you take a bite of that family tradition roll or catch a fish using the knot that always works, understand that those who shared with us are still around. And when you see or hear of occurrences in our politics and media that would have previously been hidden from you, be glad that there was and to a degree forever will be the incredibly impacting presence of Rush Limbaugh.

Is Rush Limbaugh gone? In body, yes. But thank God for the lessons of courage and love of country learned from him. He believed so much in his mission to inform multiple generations that he worked through the terribly debilitating elements of cancer and its treatments until the day he passed.

Rush may have left the building, but just like those that have touched our lives, his presence will be around for a very long time.