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Negative Nellie

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You talk about the energy around you from time to time in your column. How do you keep energy around you positive? I struggle a lot with negative people and negative situations. I have noticed when my friend at work is in a bad mood, I will get in a bad mood as well for no apparent reason. I don’t understand it. I wake up in the morning and I am fine. I go to work where my friend is, and it will be a normal uneventful morning but by lunch I’m in a bad mood just like her. I am sort of mad about everything and short with everyone the rest of the day. I don’t like being this way. Can you help me with this problem? I am typically an easy-going positive person, or so I thought. But lately I have questioned myself on whether I am that kind of person. What do you do personally to keep your energy positive around you?


Cleveland, Tx


Let me teach you a saying my momma use to say to me, ‘misery loves company’, as a kid I did not really understand what she was trying to teach me with this saying. Now that I am grown, I must say I get it completely. I also agree with the saying 100%. We all know at least one ‘Negative Nellie’ and we must deal with those negative people from time to time. Whether it’s a temporary situation like hanging out with a group of people, or a more longterm situation like living with someone negative, it’s hard to not let it affect you! What usually happens when you’re surrounded by negativity is that you eventually start to become negative too. Then you feel very drained and your whole outlook on life becomes so negative. Then you start sharing your negative energy with others, like it was shared with you. Yes, you become a “Negative Nellie”. Even if you’re the type of person who is optimistic and positive, you eventually start to express negativity. It is so easy to let the negativity from those around you bring you down. If you’re always thinking of negative things, those negative thoughts will start happening to you and your life. You must always remember there is something to be thankful for in your life and always try to find the good in all the bad situations you encounter. The only way I have found to stop the negative energy in my life and to keep my positive energy around me in these situations is to make the choice to remove myself from any negative situation. I also try to always keep an open mind about all areas of my life. I do things, I enjoy and I simply do not engage the negativity. I have learned to love some of my friends and family from a far. Its healthier for me and my wellbeing. I must take care of me and my energy before I can take care of anyone else’s energy. Just always remind yourself around those ‘Negative Nellies”, that misery loves company.

Jennifer Richardson

Simple Life

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