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You’ve got a friend in me

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What does life look like without friends? It has no color. It is dull, boring, and leaves you with little energy. Things and groups stop making sense and going out is not so enjoyable anymore. Food does not taste as good when eating all alone in a restaurant. You have no one to share your crazy stories and memories with. Your thoughts in your head drive you crazy because you have no one to share them with. It is truly a lonely life. However, it is a place that many of us have found ourselves in at one point.

As we grow older, our life changes. Some of us take a career that leads us to a new state or even a different county. We get married and have children or have major life changes that lead us in a new direction. Often you will lose some friends along the way, sometimes even all your friends. You start having less in common with your old friends. As time goes by, you find you have nothing left to share with your old friends. The friendship has run its course. Letting go can sometimes be very hard for us. You must learn to let go and work on finding a new circle of friends. Just be careful not to isolate yourself in the process. You could find yourself in a deep depression before you know it by putting up those walls and keeping everyone at a distance. You then will not only be looking for a new circle of friends, but you will also have to work through the depression to find your happy self again.

There are three types of people we all need in our circle to help us in our adventures of life.

Positive people, we have things in common with and that truly understand us. Positive people have a positive outlook towards life. They try to find the good in themselves and others, and they are not complainers. They try to understand before passing judgment on others. They carry positive energy with them, which rubs off on everyone they meet. They make you feel good about yourself and your life. Negative people, on the other hand, will cause you to have self-doubt. They drain your positive energy. My mom always told me, “Misery loves company.” Surround yourself with people you have things in common with. They are not afraid of your success because you both build each other up. They are willing to grow with you because you have the same goals in life. These friends are sometimes a little harder to find at first because you must really look for them. You might even have to join a club or a social group. You must network and make friends that inspire you to achieve your goals. But you must remember to be that friend as well. Look for the people who understand you. This will be your inner circle. They are the closest people in your life, and they are your support system. You feel safe and secure with them because they understand you. These friends will correct you when you are wrong and celebrate you when you succeed. They genuinely care about you. They will have your back any day, all day long. Having a group of people who support you and help you get through the tough times and the good times are a blessing and will make you a stronger, better person.

Regardless ofyour gender, race, or ethnicity, you do need these three types of friends in your life.

Some people will fit into all three categories, while others will only serve their purpose in one category. It is okay, whichever is the case for you. Find a community that works for you and watch your life be positively impacted.

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