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Here’s a look at our Monday emails

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Your editor woke up this Monday morning to find 146 emails waiting for him, and like any reasonable person would do, he shut his laptop and went back to bed. Most were press releases, and for whatever idle amusement it might provide readers, here is a rundown of the more notable items among them.

Congressman Chip Roy of San Antonio is running for reelection, and someone on his campaign staff must be under the impression people in The Vindicator’s circulation area would like to know about it.

A lobbying organization in Washington, D.C., or perhaps just their publicity company, wants us to consider running an opinion piece they have worked up about banning the use of animals in toxicity studies. They are against the ban.

One email is our semi-weekly message from “Walk with a Doc.” We’ve gotten these for a year or more, and your editor has never been real clear on what they do, but there are some doctors in the Baytown area who have participated and we are told it’s a good organization.

This morning’s email included yet another of our nearly daily messages from Joe Sestak, one of the many, many people running for president. He is a retired Navy admiral, and that’s as much as your editor has read of any of his emails.

Two emails are from Pinterest reminding us we are on Pinterest and suggesting other things on Pinterest that Pinterest thinks might interest us. So, we now remind you The Vindicator is on Pinterest, look for us there. We have things on Pinterest that might interest you.

Google Analytics sent its report for November. It looks like Nov. 15 was a big day for us online. We’ll have to go back and see what we posted that day and try to post more things like that. Hopefully, it wasn’t bad news.* Out of the 10,429 users of The Vindicator website in November, 99.31 percent were in the U.S. No surprise there. We have no idea how accurate it is, but Google says The Vindicator site had 14 users in Great Britain last month, 12 in Mexico, 3 in Spain, 3 in China, 2 in New Zealand and 2 in Korea.

One email is a weekly newsletter we receive from the Texas Medical Center. This week’s featured story is headlined “Anal cancer rates and mortality have risen dramatically among Americans.” Important, but not the kind of thing we want to start our day with.

For some reason, we’re still getting emails from Beto O’Rourke, and we got one from Texas Secretary of State Ruth Hughs wanting us to know she is going to Japan.

That’s enough. Time to delete the rest and get back to work.

* On Nov. 15, we posted two press releases, one from the sheriff’s office about the lost hunter who was found and then arrested, and another from the GLO about the availability of buyout funds.

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