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Hardin Student Council Holds Successful Food Drive

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    Students from Hardin High School collected canned goods and money to help those in need during the holiday season.
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    Students collected over 17,000 canned food items and raised nearly $8,000.
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    Students collected over 17,000 canned food items and raised nearly $8,000.

HARDIN — Students at Hardin High School take Thanksgiving season seriously as a time to give back to the community, and this year was no different, as students collected over 17,000 canned food items and raised nearly $8,000.

HHSl’s Student Council started its annual can food drive on Nov. 1 and continued until Nov. 16.

Each student was encouraged to bring at least 25 cans, 10 nonperishable items, or $10.

The grade levels competed to see who could collect the most cans and raise the most money to win an all-day field trip to the Houston Galleria, but they had to beat the 2022 goal.

Through lots of competition and throughout it all, each grade was very competitive, and each grade participated and contributed in a way.

The totals were 9th grade collected 4,404 cans and $2,767, 10th grade collected 564 cans and $320, 11th grade collected 2,084 cans and $673, and the 12th grade collected 10,897 cans and $4,176.

The seniors came out on top and won with the most cans, beating last year’s goal.

Way to go, Seniors! Many amazing things happened because of Hardin High School students.

Our student council advisor, Miranda Gallaspy, said, “It really made my heart happy to see the senior class all pitch in and work together. The way our community joined together for this food drive makes me incredibly proud. Knowing that families were nourished and could enjoy the holidays fills my heart. I’m really happy for everyone who put in so much effort and encouraged one another.”

Another senior, Ricko Denman, said, “I loved this so much. The class of 2024 coming together as one unit to help and spread joy. We helped over 500 families, and I’m proud of that seeing the joy on the people’s faces when delivering cans was amazing. I went to Rainbow Church and I can’t count how many times I heard thank you. She even hugged me. This is what I love and I’d do it again. I’m thankful God gave us the opportunity to help those people and I hope they all have an amazing and great Thanksgiving.”

Another senior, Kaylnn Templeton, said, “It warms my heart that our school and community were able to feed over 700 families for Thanksgiving. The canned food drive is one of my favorite things HHS student council does. I truly enjoy giving back to my community.”

Due to all the hard work of the students of Hardin High School, approximately 1,000 families were fed, and not just one meal; they had multiple and their pantries were full.

We look forward to bringing many cans once again next year for the benefit of the community.