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Gallery Furniture delivers holiday cheer to Dayton family

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    Paige Hawkins gives her mother, Susan, a massive hug of joy as crews move in new furniture from "Mattress Mack" Jim McIngvale and Gallery Furniture.
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    Jay Matlock, Cara Adams, Paige Hawkins, Shyann Hawkins, Susan Hawkins and the Gallery Furniture moving crew show off one of the new pieces of furniture.
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    Cara Adams of Gallery Furniture interviews Jay Matlock with Just Amazing Youth Sports.
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    Crews from Gallery Furniture bring in a new loveseat at the Hawkins house as part of the Gallery Furniture holiday giveaway.
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    The crew from Gallery Furniture meets Jay Matlock at the Hawkins home in Dayton.

DAYTON – Everyone in the greater Houston area knows that "Mattress Mack" Jim McIngvale goes above and beyond for the community. This year, one special Dayton family is feeling those blessings.

For the Hawkins family of Dayton, this holiday season has gotten off to a big start with new furniture from Gallery Furniture.

"Mack does a furniture giveaway for the holidays, and this year we're giving 30 families furniture," said Cara Adams, Community Outreach Coordinator.

So far, they have identified 10 families like the Hawkins family to bring holiday cheer.

"We're still looking for some more families that need furniture, and we also like to partner with non-profits to not only be able to give these families furniture and find these families furniture, but to bring awareness to resources in our community," said Adams.

One of those non-profits is Just Amazing Youth Sports, which has been working tirelessly in recent years to create opportunities for children with special needs across Liberty County and the surrounding area, especially when it comes to playing sports. 

For founder Jay Matlock, that role is so crucial in the area. He is constantly trying to build connections that can benefit those youngsters and their families, so having an opportunity to step in and assist the Hawkins family was absolute.

Paige Hawkins, 12 is special needs; she is non-verbal with epilepsy and one of the children that JAYS supports on the playing field and in everyday life.

"She is one of our kids that we've had for a long time," said Jay Matlock, founder of JAYS.

Matlock was excited that the Hawkins family received such a fantastic holiday gift from the folks at Gallery Furniture.

Paige's mother, Susan Hawkins, who is also the mother of Shyann, was delighted and just amazed at the good fortune that McIngvale had brought her family.

"I am so excited. I have never had anything like this happen to me, I'm going through a hard time right now trying to raise the girls by myself, and this is making it awesome this year," said Hawkins.

Adams spoke about the reach of McIngvale and how much he has and continues to do for everyone around the Houston area. Still, after meeting him following Hurricane Harvey, she has learned firsthand the amazing things he does.

"I didn't realize how instrumental and involved he is in the success of Houston and the surrounding area by offering things 365 days a year to people," Adams said.

Everyone agreed that McIngvale and his generosity are unlike anyone around.

"Thank you. I don't even have words for this. I am so excited. Thank you so much," Hawkins told McIngvale via the camera crew on hand to film the delivery.

Finally, Hawkins spoke of her daughter's connection to JAYS and her love of people as Paige hugged just about everyone around.

"She loves being around people. She is a very happy child," said Hawkins with a big smile.

For more information on Paige's journey, visit her Facebook page, Prayers for Paige Fighting Epilepsy. To find out more about JAYS, you can see them online at or on Facebook.