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At this month’s Liberty County Sheriff’s General Departmental meeting, Sheriff Bobby Rader presented Deputy Brad Taylor as this month’s Employee of the Month. Deputy Taylor heads up a somewhat new Commercial Vehicle Enforcement unit within the Sheriff’s Office that was established out of the need to start inspecting heavy truck loads that were traveling the county roads and highways within the county causing thousands of dollars of damage to the roads and bridges. At present there are only two deputies assigned to this unit but with plans to expand to at least two more deputies at a later date.
This CVE unit is responsible for assuring Commercial Vehicles are in compliance with load restrictions and vehicle weights, safety equipment of the trucks and/or trailers, permits for the load being transported to name only a few safety and load restrictions required by state and local laws.

When this opening was announced within the LCSO about a year ago, it seemed almost a natural calling for Dep. Taylor to apply due to his past experience with the trucking industry. In his former “civilian” life he, himself, was a truck driver as his family was also involved in the oil industry and trucking was a major part of that career field. It was because of this that Taylor felt a calling as he knew he could relate to the truck drivers and the responsibilities they were compelled to follow. However, between his time as a truck driver and his coming on-board with the Sheriff’s Office, Dep. Taylor spent time as a City of Liberty EMT serving the public in that capacity until graduating from the Sheriff’s Police Academy in 2017 when he, again, began serving the public in the Patrol Division. Still later with this “desire to serve” mentality he transferred to the CVE unit where he now serves in the capacity of keeping county tax payers from having to constantly repair roads and bridges by assuring that the trucking industry abides and respects the roadway weight limits and other trucking safety rules and regulations that best serves the public safety and well-being. Additional training in Austin, Texas on License and Weights schools has added to his expertise in this field.
As if his regular duty hours were not enough to keep him busy, Dep. Taylor has also volunteered and is the Medic for the agencies Special Response Team, sometimes called the S.W.A.T unit, which requires additional volunteer training hours and response to call-outs over and above his regular duty hours with the CVE unit. While he is fully committed to his job as a Deputy, his greatest commitment is with his family during his off-duty hours in enjoying mutual events that his entire family enjoys together. When ask to comment on the case he remembers the most, Taylor found it difficult to pin-point any one case as he has worked so many cases that were deeply sad in the outcome of life or death or other cases which had what might be considered happy endings. This is often the case when talking to many law enforcement Officers. What others might consider certain cases to be life-threatening, different, strange or even “exciting”, most deputies consider it just “another day at the office” as it is what they do each day and night they come to work.

In presenting this award to Dep. Taylor, Sheriff Rader said that Taylor was one of the major components in forming this new CVE unit and that his background and dedication to making a new unit successful has been recognized by his supervisors in the Patrol Division as well as throughout the entire agency. He went on to say that his professional and compassionate approach to the truckers and drivers of heavy truck loads throughout Liberty County is not only greatly addressing the “damage control” portion of the county roads but his approach to those drivers who before were “self-policing” themselves to abide by weight loads and safety requirements, has been of an understanding but corrective attitude resulting in overall preservation of county roads and truck safety on those same roads.
It is with this thought in mind that Sheriff Rader request the public and all members of the LCSO to a “tip of the hat” to Deputy Brad Taylor for being selected Employee of the Month for March, 2022.