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The Art of Artisan Pizza

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    Chris Adams shows off the Lazy H’s all wood fie brick oven. The Vindicator | Travis Huffman
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    The Lazy H made some changes due to COVID-19 and added pizza to the menu at the longtime Liberty establishment. The Vindicator | Travis Huffman

It’s dinner time, and everyone in the house is craving that delicious doughy topping-covered sensation called pizza. We Americans love our pizza, and that is why there are so many options to choose from. Now residents of Liberty have a new choice of a hot, mouth-watering pizza pie with Lazy H Brick Oven Pizza. Born out of extraordinary circumstances, Lazy H also has a story to tell.

The Lazy H was a wellknown local bar for over two decades in Liberty, Texas, before everything changed in 2020. As the nation was forced into mandatory lockdowns sprinkled with varying and incredibly confusing rules, regulations, and ordinances, bars and many businesses were forced to close their doors to the public. As time passed, restaurants were allowed to reopen, and Chris Adams, General Manager and son of the Lazy H’s owner, Patricia, saw this as an opportunity to keep the family business moving into the future by becoming an artisan pizza restaurant.

“Being an entrepreneur and artist at heart, I saw the writing on the wall if we wanted to continue to be a successful business in the future, especially with the growth coming to the area,” stated Chris Adams.

Adams, with the help of his cousin, assembled a brick oven behind the bar, transforming the Lazy H into Liberty’s hottest artisan pizza restaurant. The handcrafting of artisan pizzas has become a unique art form and has increased in popularity, especially in larger cities. The Lazy H way of making artisan pizza is with handmade dough crafted from Neapolitan Italian Double Zero Flour and sauce made from organic San Marzano tomatoes, which is then covered with fresh toppings before being baked over a wood fire. The wood fire part of the process is crucial if you want genuine artisan pizza authenticity.

“Our pizzas are a hundred percent wood-fired. They have some ovens in the cities now that are gas or gas and wood hybrids, but we’re trying to do everything the old way,” said Adams.

Patrons can create their own pizzas or choose from a menu of specialty pizzas, such as Adams’ personal favorite, The Heartbreaker, made with, you guessed it, artichoke. Because of its history, the restaurant has a unique dive bar feel, which is sure to be a hit with the growing number of artisan food connoisseurs who travel across the state to visit hidden gem local restaurants. For more information, visit the Lazy H Facebook page.