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Wilson gets joyful news for Christmas

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DAYTON - Just before the Christmas holiday, Liberty County Commissioner Pct 4 Leon Wilson received some big holiday cheer.

Wilson has been fighting cancer over the last several months as he has undergone rigorous chemotherapy treatment, and now doctors with Houston Methodist Hospital have delivered some great news.

“The tumors in my lungs have disappeared and can’t be seen,” said Wilson.

Wilson underwent six rounds of chemo following his diagnosis and recently followed that treatment with a PET scan to check his progress.

That progress also indicated that tumors in other areas of his body had significantly reduced and that he was showing improvement.

“It was shocking how much the tumors had shrunk. It was just amazing,” said Wilson.

According to Wilson, doctors want to continue to fight the cancer aggressively, and he will undergo another three months of chemo. Each session is a three-day infusion and is conducted every two weeks.

“The purpose is that they want to get them down as small as possible before they cut me open and operate on me,” said Wilson.

Once the surgery is conducted, Wilson will have to go for an extended period without chemo. Reducing any tumors will make the fight more manageable as his body works to heal.

He continues to perform his role as commissioner, but he is limited to the number of people he comes in contact with, as even a common cold can cause significant issues.

As Christmas comes, the Wilson family is looking forward to some holiday cheer as his diagnosis has shown significant improvement and reason to rejoice this holiday season.

“We’re going to have Christmas. It will just be me, Amanda, my son, daughter-in-law and my grandbabies, but we’re going to have Christmas.”

Wilson concluded with a little extra joy in his voice, "God is good!"