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Avoid ballot confusion in 2022

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As the upcoming election season is just around the corner, many political organizations and candidates will begin to bombard local voters with an array of mailers, including applications for a mail-in ballot. Often those forms come prefilled for easy return to the local elections office.

Unfortunately, those prefilled applications have been known to cause some issues for the individual that sent them in, as they end up receiving the wrong political party’s ballot in the mail. Liberty County Elections Administrator Klint Bush is asking voters to make sure the application they submit is for the correct ballot because it can cause quite a bit of confusion. If not remedied quickly enough, it can even prevent an individual from voting at all.

“The last election, my office received a lot of complaints because we sent ballots to them that they actually requested. Once we pulled the voter file, it was evident that the voter requested the ballot that we sent them. However, they misread the application and received the wrong party’s ballot,” said Bush.

If it does happen, Bush and his office can remedy such a situation, given the necessary time to get the correct ballot back to the voter and if the incorrect ballot has been returned to their office. To avoid this type of situation, Bush asks voters to take the time and make sure they are requesting the ballot they genuinely want.

“People need to slow down and read the information that is before them, before signing their name to it. My office will send you the ballot that you have requested by as is defined by law,” concluded Bush.

To avoid any of these issues and to request your ballot directly from the Liberty County Elections Office, visit or call 936-253-8050 for any help regarding the elections process.