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Hello, Cleveland

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The Vindicator has published the news in Liberty County for more than 132 years now, but it was just a few weeks ago when someone pointed out to us that Cleveland is also part of Liberty County. We argued over it for awhile, but then we pulled out a map, and as it turns out, Cleveland really is in Liberty County. Strange no one mentioned it earlier, especially considering how frequently we’ve covered events in Batson since it was created.

Sorry about that Cleveland. You should have spoken up sooner.

By the way, have you ever heard of a place called Tarkington? Is it also in this county?

Just kidding.

The Vindicator is growing and with the city not having a newspaper of its own any longer we hope to report much more about the goings on in Cleveland.

I spent part of Saturday wandering around downtown taking stock photos to have on hand should we need them. As such, most of these photos might never be seen by anyone, and since I nearly had a heat stroke taking them, I’d hate for them all to go to waste.

There is no great art here and nothing fancy, but it is a collection of photographs showing  some of Cleveland’s downtown businesses. If I overlooked your business, I will try to catch it next time. For the businesses that are included, here is a little free publicity from The Vindicator.

Also included here is a shot of Cleveland High School’s pretty new building.

We need subscribers in Cleveland, so we can get advertisers in Cleveland, so we can afford to report more about Cleveland, so we can attract more subscribers there and get more advertisers. There's a bit of a cycle to how this works. So, please consider giving The Vindicator a try. The Cleveland Chamber of Commerce has free copies to give away each week. You can pick one up there to see what it is like. You can subscribe to our e-Edition for as little as $17.50, or you can subscribe to have a year's worth of the print edition delivered by mail to any address in this county for only $40. The Vindicator is a community paper, which means we rely largely on members of the community to send us their news. We have a Calendar page where churches, clubs, civic organizations, charities and the like can announce their public events for free. We also run a Community page for submitted articles.

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