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Juvenile arrested in Colony Ridge for Aggravated Kidnap, Assault and Robbery

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On 10-04-2023, at approximately 6:20 pm, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call where a female caller stated that she heard multiple gun shots around the 1100 block of County Road 3479A, in the Colony Ridge Subdivision. The caller stated that when she looked outside her residence, she saw a Hispanic male running in only his boxers yelling, “they are going to kill me.”  

Liberty County Deputies and Narcotic Units near the area responded and located the Juvenile male victim and obtained an address of where the incident occurred and a description of three Hispanic male suspects. The victim informed deputies that three Hispanic males kidnapped him at gun point, took him to a residence and made him strip down to his boxers. The victim stated that they then began to beat him until he was able to get away from them and run from the residence down the road. The victim stated that as he was running away from them, they began shooting at him.

The Narcotics unit immediately went to the incident location and detained a 16-year Juvenile who was near a vehicle parked in front of the residence at the incident location. It was believed that the other two suspects had gone into the residence, so Narcotic units and Patrol unit sat up a perimeter on the residence.  

Based on the type of call and the possibility of two suspects inside of the residence with weapons, the Liberty County Special Response Team (SRT) was deployed to the residence. While the SRT Unit was in route to the scene, Texas Rangers completed a search warrant for the residence.

Upon the Search Warrant being signed by a judge, the SRT Unit made entry into the residence to detain the other two suspects, however the house was unoccupied upon their entry. SRT Units then turned the scene over to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division (CID) to process the crime scene. Investigators located several spent shell casings and other evidence while on the scene.

Investigators, along with the Texas Rangers who were on scene were able to obtain the identity of the two suspects who had fled the area. The 16-year-old juvenile suspect was transported to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Annex in Cleveland where he was processed as a juvenile and charged with Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Robbery, and Aggravated Assault. The juvenile was then transported to a juvenile facility. Investigators will be obtaining warrants on the other two suspects for the same charges.

According to Captain David Meyers, a spokesperson for the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office stated, “The Juvenile victim was lucky to be able to escape from the three suspects, and lucky that he did not get shot during the process.”