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Quiroz seeks $1 billion and an apology

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Several years after Madelyn Quiroz was paralyzed in a horrible accident she is now seeking an apology and seeking $1 billion in damages from the City of Dayton.

On Jan. 23, 2020, on Waco Street in Dayton, Quiroz, and her family, along with the help of former investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino and L.U. L. A.C., have called for the Department of Justice to conduct a federal investigation into the handling of her case.

Quiroz and her legal team are asking for $ 1 billion and calling for the D.O.J. to investigate the City of Dayton Police Department, City of Dayton, Liberty County District Attorney Jennifer Bergman, County Attorney Matthew Poston, former Dayton Police Officers John D. Coleman, and Terri Hughs on actions of misconduct, obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence along with other charges under the 42 U.S.C. 1983 Civil Rights Act.

“We request an apology because, emotionally and physically, we are drained, and this should not have happened. It should’ve been fixed by the people who were sworn to do so,” said Quiroz In July of this year, the case was referred to Magistrate Judge Zack Hawthorn of the Eastern District of Texas with a demand by Quiroz for a jury trial.

During a press conference streamed live on Dolcefino’s Facebook page, Quiroz, her family, and her legal team focused on holding the officials who had handled the accident investigation accountable.

Reports state that the motorist had chased and raced another car before passing, leading up to the crash.

According to investigators, the car traveled at 96 mph and lost control, going airborne for 10 feet before landing on the railroad tracks.

The driver of the vehicle where Quiroz was a backseat passenger was charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury in February 2022, but due to statute of limitations, the charges were dropped.

According to Quiroz and her family, they were never notified of a hearing that had taken place while she was in the hospital.

“ The litany of stuff in this case that’s wrong demands somebody else other than the city of Dayton clean this thing up,” said Dolcefino There were also allegations made of racial discrimination by Quiroz, who was joined by LULAC representatives at the press conferences.

“A complaint of racial discrimination toward Hispanics was made against the Dayton Police Department. The City of Dayton takes allegations of discrimination very seriously,” said a city official.

The City of Dayton did hire private investigator Jesse Prado of J. P. P. I. Investigations, who concluded that there were several accounts of mistakes during the investigation, but cleared the City of any allegations of discrimination.

“In early 2022, the City of Dayton’s City Council hired Jesse Prado, an independent third-party investigator, whose investigation cleared the City of claims of discrimination against Hispanics. The City of Dayton has no further comments regarding the current pending litigation,” said a city official.

Allegiance Mobile Health Medical Service, Jamey Wayne Bice, Stephanie Lee Blum Bice, City of Dayton Fire Department, City of Liberty Texas, John D Coleman, Murphy Green, Katelyn Grimes, Eduardo Hernandez, Terri Hughes, Theo Melancon, Nissan North America, Ramji Law Group, Matthew Saldana, Kristen Seibert, Steve Smith, Union Pacific Railroad Company, Robert Vine, Caroline Wadzeck, and Morgan Skye White are all listed in the suit.

Last Friday, Union Pacific Railroad Company’s legal team filed a motion to Dismiss for Failure to State Claim Pursuant to Rule 12(b)(6).